Dr. Prerna Bakshi is a sociolinguist whose research examines the relationship between language, society, and the state. Her research agenda bridges the fields of sociolinguistics, social psychology, educational sociology, and political sociology. She investigates 1) how language, identity, and power are intertwined; 2) how beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors are interrelated; and 3) how social institutions, groups, norms, individual experiences, and their combined effect influence educational outcomes, especially for those on the margins; and 4) how do languages mediate interactions between society and the state. To inform her work, she draws on her expertise in qualitative research methods. Prior to joining CUHK(SZ), she worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at The Education University of Hong Kong, where she engaged in research, project support, and teaching courses such as English for Academic Purposes (Reading) and English for Academic Purposes (Writing). She also worked as a language teacher at the Canberra Institute of Technology (Australia), where she trained several senior bureaucrats from the Australian government who were due to take diplomatic postings. She has over ten years of experience as a professional interpreter in areas such as legal, healthcare, and community interpreting. She is also a creative writer and columnist with work published in dozens of literary journals, anthologies, magazines, and newspapers.

Awards and honors
  • 2019
  • 2016
  • 01


    Winner of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Research (DVCR) Scholarship (2019) [AUD $6,000]

  • 02


    Winner of the Ph.D. Research Training Program Scholarship (formerly known as Australian Postgraduate Award) (2016-2019) [AUD $84,000]


Peer-Reviewed Articles 

Bakshi, Prerna. (2023). Language, religion, and workplace discrimination: intersectional microaggressions in India. Asian Ethnicity

Bakshi, Prerna. (2021). Are Teachers Boundedly Rational? How Beliefs and Context Affect Decision-Making. Leadership and Policy in Schools.

Bakshi, Prerna. (2020). ‘It is a dialect, not a language!’- Investigating teachers’ beliefs about Mewati. L1-Educational Studies in Language and Literature. Volume 20, pp1-24.

Bakshi, Prerna. (2012). Linguistic Duopoly: A Case of Mewati. Language in India. Volume 12, Issue 5. 

Book Reviews 

Bakshi, Prerna. (2016). Book Review of Neoliberalism and Applied Linguistics. Journal of Language, Identity and Education. Volume 15, Issue 5. 

Conference Papers/Talks 

Bakshi, Prerna (2020). Pride in Prejudice: Teachers’ Beliefs about Minoritized Languages. Public Lecture Series 2021. The Education University of Hong Kong: 16 January – 20 February. 

Bakshi, Prerna. (2017). Dialect-in-Education: A Case of Mewati from India. Ciencia Politica Enfoque Sur. Havana, Cuba: 15-17 November. 

Bakshi, Prerna. (2012). Politics of Mewati in Postcolonial India: A Case of the Meo Tribe. Humanism, Democracy and Culture: Postcolonial Discourse and India. Kurukshetra University: 20 – 21 March.