Academic Publications

1.       The Optimal Allocation of Prizes in Contests with Costly Entry, (with Jingfeng Lu), International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming.

2.       Enhancing Effort Supply with Prize-Augmenting Entry Fees: Theory and Experiments, (with Robert G. Hammond, Jingfeng Lu, and Yohanes E. Riyanto), International Economic Review, forthcoming.

3.       Paring Provision Price and Default Remedy: Optimal Two-Stage Procurement with Private R&D Efficiency, (with Jingfeng Lu), The RAND Journal of Economics, 49 (2018), 619--655.

4.       Optimal Prize Allocation in Contests: The Role of Negative Prizes, (with Jingfeng Lu, Ruqu Wang, and Jun Zhang), Journal of Economic Theory, 175 (2018), 291--317.

5.       Many-To-Many Disjoint Paths in Hypercubes with Faulty Vertices, (with Xiang-Jun Li, Meijie Ma, and Jun-Ming Xu), Discrete Applied Mathematics, 217 (2017), 229--242.