CHEN Bin (陈斌) is a lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. He received his BA from Xiamen University, China, MA from the University of Macau, and his Ph.D. from the Pennsylvania State University. Before joining the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, in 2019, he worked as a post-doctoral teaching fellow at the Pennsylvania State University. His research focuses on understanding China’s modern transition through the lens of religion and law. 


Academic Articles:

2022 "The Chengda Teachers School and Modern China's Frontier Politics." The Journal of Asian Studies 81, no. 2: 323-340. SSCI and A&HCI

2021   "Lost Voices: Chinese Muslim Modernists and the Issue of Polygamy in the Republican Era" International Journal of Asian Studies 18, no. 1: 103-17. A&HCI. 

2020   "Understanding the Character Yi in Pre-Opium War Period Canton: A Study of the Merchant Newspaper the Canton Register," Review of Culture International Edition, no. 62: 104-114.

2019   “When the Rule of Law Met Rule by the Party: The Conflicts between Baptist Schools and Local Guomindang in Republican Suzhou,” Journal of Modern Chinese History 13, no. 2: 274-95. ESCI.

2018   “The Calendar Reform in Republican China and Its Impact on Buddhism: A Study of the 1913 Birth Anniversary for Buddha” (Lun minchu lifa biange dui Fojiao fazhan de Ying Xiang: yi 1913 nian fodan jinian hui wei li 论民初历法变革对佛教团体发展的影响:以1913年佛诞纪念会为例), Anhui shixue 安徽史学, no. 6: 83-90. CSSCI.

Conference Papers:

1. 08/2020 "The Chengda Teachers' School and the Frontier Policies of the Nationalist Regime," Historical Society for Twentieth-Century China, Biennial Conference, Online.

2. 09/2018 “The Calendar Reform in Republican China and Its Impact on Religion,” Shaanxi Normal University, Qujiang Scholars Forum, Xi’an, China. 

3. 03/2018 “Protestant Schools and the Gender Segregation in Republican Suzhou,” Association for Asian Studies, National Conference, Washington D. C. 

4. 06/2017 “Struggling with Nationalism: Chengda School and the Cult of Sun Yat-sen,” Association for Asian Studies-in-Asia, Seoul, South Korea. 

5. 01/2017 “Grassroot Modernity: The Founding Story of the Chengda Teachers’ School,”  New England Region Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

6. 06/2016 “WWI and Chinese Intellectuals’ Understanding of Superstition,” invited Lecture, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

7. 05/2016 “Understanding Western Superstition in Modern China,” American Academy of Religion, Eastern Regional Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.