Academic Publications

Academic Articles:

1. “When the Rule of Law Met Rule by the Party: The Conflicts between Baptist Schools and Local Guomindang in Republican Suzhou,” Journal of Modern Chinese History 13, no. 2 (2019): 274-95.

2. “The Calendar Reform in Republican China and Its Impact on Buddhism: A Study of the 1913 Birth Anniversary for Buddha” (Lun minchu lifa biange dui Fojiao fazhan de Ying Xiang: yi 1913 nian fodan jinian hui wei li 论民初历法变革对佛教团体发展的影响:以1913年佛诞纪念会为例), Anhui shixue 安徽史学, no. 6 (2018): 83-90.

3. "Understanding the Character Yi in Pre-Opium War Period Canton: A Study of the Merchant Newspaper the Canton Register" (In press)

4. "A Lost Voice: Chinese Muslim Modernists and the Issue of Polygamy in the Republican Era" (Under review)

Conference Papers:

1. 09/2018 “The Calendar Reform in Republican China and Its Impact on Religion,” Shaanxi Normal University, Qujiang Scholars Forum, Xi’an, China. 

2. 03/2018 “Protestant Schools and the Gender Segregation in Republican Suzhou,” Association for Asian Studies, National Conference, Washington D. C. 

3. 06/2017 “Struggling with Nationalism: Chengda School and the Cult of Sun Yat-sen,” Association for Asian Studies-in-Asia, Seoul, South Korea. 

4. 01/2017 “Grassroot Modernity: The Founding Story of the Chengda Teachers’ School,”  New England Region Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Boston, MA.

5. 06/2016 “WWI and Chinese Intellectuals’ Understanding of Superstition,” invited Lecture, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China.

6. 05/2016 “Understanding Western Superstition in Modern China,” American Academy of Religion, Eastern Regional Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.