Academic Publications

  1. Job Market Paper: Understanding the Impacts of Dark Pools on Price Discovery

   2. Information Di?usion with Centralized and Bilateral Trading

   3.  Monopoly Pricing with Time-Inconsistent Agents (with Jen-Wen Chang)


Work In Process:

   1.  Informational Learning and Dynamic Competition

   2. A Nash-in-Nash Bargaining Game in Trading Networks



   1. Household Saving and Urbanization in China, Journal of Economics Issues Inquiry, 2009(2), 7-12.

   2. Risk Management in the Life-cycle of Virtual Corporations (with B. Shi), Economic Research Guide, 2010(18), 31-33.

   3. RMB Exchange Rate Reform and Corporate Risk Management (with B. Shi), Oriental Enterprise Culture, 2010(4), 83.