Yidi Liu received his Ph.D. degree in Information Systems from the City University of Hong Kong. He received a bachelor’s degree in Logistics Management from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He is interested in and has been working on topics of Digital Economics, Artificial intelligence, and Inclusive Finance, focusing on their societal implications and applications. He is also interested in social commerce, social influence, and gaming. He mainly leverages Econometrics, Machine Learning, Text Mining, and Network Analysis in doing research.



1.    Yidi Liu, Xin Li, Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng. “Smart Natural Disaster Relief: Assisting Victims with AI in Lending”, Forthcoming at Information Systems Research. (

2.    Huasi Xu, Yidi Liu* (corresponding author), Bingqing Song, Xueyan Yin, Xin Li. “Friend Circle Matters: Local Network Structure and Social Commerce Promotion Effectiveness”, Forthcoming at Information Technology and People. (


Papers Under Review

1.    Yidi Liu, Xin Li, Zhiqiang (Eric) Zheng. “Consequences of China’s 2018 Online Lending Regulation and the Promise of PolicyTech”, Conditional Acceptance at Information Systems Research.

2.    Bingqing Song, Yidi Liu* (corresponding author), Xin Li. “Alike but Disconnect: Tie Decay in Social Commerce”, Under review at Journal of Management Information Systems

3.    Mengyue Wang, Xin Li, Yidi Liu, Patrick Y. K. Chau, Yubo Chen. “May I Have Your Attention Please? A Contrast-Composition-Distraction Framework to Understand Product Photo Background’s Impact on Consumer Interest in E-commerce”, Major Revision at Decision Support Systems


Working Papers

1.    Sustainable Inclusive Finance: The Impact of AI Credit Scoring on Lenders’ Inclusive Efficiency

2.    Deep Reinforcement Learning for News-based Automated Trading

3.    Social Influence in MOBA Game Business: The Tangle of Long and Short-term Relations