Prof. Lu graduated from The University of British Columbia. In his job market paper, he studies and finds that algorithmic information reduces racial price differential in the U.S. housing market.  His current research focus on the intersection between FinTech, Corporate Finance, Real Estate Finance and Household Finance.


1. "How Machine Learning Reduces Racial Price Differentials in the U.S.",Guangli Lu,

2. "Learning from Online Appraisal Information and Housing Prices",Guangli Lu,

3. "National Culture and the Value Implications of Corporate Social Responsibility",with Dale Griffin, Omrane Guedhami, and Kai Li,

4. "The impact of CEO-Worker Pay Ratio Disclosure on CEO Pay",with Pauline Wu,

5. "Stakeholder Culture and Pay Inequality within Firms",with Jan Bena and Iris Wang,

6. "How Do Households Form Housing Price Expectations?",Guangli Lu,