Academic Publications

Literary Criticism:

1. “A Tale of Talk: Dialogic Digressivity, Ventriloquism, and Represented Speech in The Adventures of Augie March.” Saul Bellow Journal 28.1. 2015.

2. “Four Doctrines of Religiocentric Reflection: Meditative Digressivity in Humboldt’s Gift.” Saul Bellow Journal 21.1-2. 2009.


Academic Conference Presentations:

1. Love and Death in the Taisho Era: Edogawa Ranpo’s Beast in the Shadows as a Sadomasochistic Narrative Act.” The Sixth Asian Conference on Arts and the Humanities. Osaka, Japan. 3 April 2015.

2. “A Memorable Phase of Mind: Joycean Epiphany and Transformative (Self) Perception.” James Joyce Symposium: Eire on the Erie. State University of New York at Buffalo. 14 June 2009.

3. “Diagnosing the Master of Psychic Disaster: Teaching Representations of Madness in Poe.” Edgar Allan Poe Society Panel. 20th Annual Conference of the American Literature Association. Boston, 23 May 2009.

4. “Go! Go!: Ichiro Ando’s Japanese Translation of James Joyce’s ‘Eveline’ and Walter Benjamin’s ‘The Task of the Translator.’ James Joyce Symposium: Joyce in Translation. University of Seville, Spain, 1994.

5. “Joyce, Einstein, and the Search for a Fundamental Expression.” James Joyce Symposium: California Joyce. University of California, Irvine. June 1993. 


Creative Writing Publications

Fiction Publications: Short Stories, Flash Fictions, and Micro-fictions:

1. “Characters Madmen Alone Can Read.” Chicago Quarterly Review. Forthcoming.

2. “Bear Hug and Snake Bum.” Prick of the Spindle. Forthcoming.

3. “Padang Besar.” Apalachee Review. Forthcoming.

4. “Recognition on Forty-Seventh Street.” JMWW. Forthcoming.

5. “The Postcard.” Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine. June 2016.

6. “Midnight in the Carre St. Louis.” Queen’s Quarterly. June 2016.

7. “Rockaway.” Cortland Review. May 2016.

8. “About the Author.” Blue Fifth Review. May 2016.

9. “No Time Hath She.” Pif Magazine. May 2016.

10.“Gray.” Ellipsis. April 2016.

11.“City Girl.” Eunoia Review. March 2016.

12.“Showdown in Silicon Alley.” Journal of Microliterature. February 2016.

13.“Washington and Polk.” Dogzplot. February 2016.

14.“Anomaly.” Flash Frontier: Microfiction Issue. December 2015.

15.“Axis of Combination.” Apocrypha & Abstractions. November 2015.

16.“Last Night at the Dead Goat.” Atticus Review. November 2015.

17.“Thief of Holes.” Prick of the Spindle. October 2015.

18.“I-80 & 49th.” Restless Magazine. September 2015.

19.“Doppelganger.” Pif Magazine. September 2015.

20.“Guangzhou Doubletake.” Eastlit. August 2015.

21.“The Uberdog: A Lecture.” Eclectica Magazine. July 2015.

22.“Kunming Train.” Gravel. June 2015.

23.“Guangzhou Interlude.” Gravel. June 2015.

24.“Awa Odori.” Kyoto Journal. May 2015.

25.“Seokguram.” Quarterly Literary Review Singapore. January 2015.

26.“Shiretoko.” Trainless Magazine. December 2014.

27.“Montreal Refraction.” Eunoia Review. November 2014.

28.“Hong Kong Labyrinth.” theNewerYork. November 2014.

29.“Revolution of the Bean.” Portland Review. October 2014.

30.“A Sort of Twilight.” Penmen Review. October 2014.

31.“Solstitial.” Flash Frontier. September 2014.

32.“Big Baby Moses.” Split Rock Review. September 2014.

33.“Riding the Rails.” Pif Magazine. August 2014.

34.“Lines Written on a Mall Parking Lot Bench in Mesquite Nevada.” Eunoia Review. June 2014.

35.“Sea of Glass.” Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art. May 2014.

36.“What Charlie Said.” Tampa Review. April 2014.

37.“Incident on Abiko Street.” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal. March 2014.

38.“Chiricahua.” Flash Frontier. February 2014.

39.“Illusion of Depth.” Columbia: A Journal of Literature and Art. February 2014.

40.“Yanagawa.” theNewerYork. January 2014.

41.“Perros en la Calle.” White Rabbit: English Studies in Latin America. December 2013.

42.“Cryptograph.” theNewerYork. October 2013.

43.“Slimer.” Confrontation. December 2010.

44.“Bay and Charles.” Happy. May 2005.

45.“On This Most Perfect Day.” Happy. May 2005.

46.“Melton Street.” Inscape. 1986.