I am an assistant professor in the Institute for Data and Decision Analytics (iDDA) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. I received a B.S. Degree in Engineering Mechanics from Peking University, in 2012, and a Ph.D. Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, in 2016. From 2016 to 2019, I was a postdoc at the University of Florida, Arizona State University and Boston University, respectively.

My research interests mainly lie in distributed optimization, learning and control within networked multi-agent systems. In particular, I have focused on designing novel distributed optimization algorithms for problems with uncertainties (stochastic optimization) and general network topologies (directed graphs).

I am always looking for self-motivated students with solid mathematical background and research interests in networks, optimization, machine learning, distributed algorithms, etc. Postdoc positions are also available.

Academic Publications


S. Pu, A Robust Gradient Tracking Method for Distributed Optimization over Directed Networks, submitted.

S. Pu, A. Olshevsky and I.C. Paschalidis, A Sharp Estimate on the Transient Time of Distributed Stochastic Gradient Descent, submitted.

Journal Papers

S. Pu and A. Nedich. Distributed Stochastic Gradient Tracking Methods. Mathematical Programming, 2020.

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S. Pu and A. Garcia. A Flocking-based Approach for Distributed Stochastic Optimization. Operations Research, 66(1):267-281, 2018.

S. Pu, A. Garcia and Z. Lin. Noise Reduction by Swarming in Social Foraging. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 61(12):4007-4013, 2016.

Conference Proceedings

S. Pu and A. Nedich. A Distributed Stochastic Gradient Tracking Method. 2018 IEEE 57th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC). [arxiv]

S. Pu, W. Shi, J. Xu and A. Nedich. A Push-Pull Gradient Method for Distributed Optimization in Networks. 2018 IEEE 57th Conference on Decision and Control (CDC). [arxiv]

(*co-first author)