Dr. Cong Wang is currently associate director of Shenzhen Finance Institute (SFI) and also a presidential chair professor and master of Shaw College at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. He received his Ph.D. in Finance from Vanderbilt University in 2007. He obtained his Master degree in Economics from Nanyang Technological University in 2002, and his Bachelor degree from the Guanghua School of Management, Peking University in 1999. Before he joined SFI, Prof. Wang was a professor of finance at China Europe International Business School. Prior to that, he served as an associate professor (with tenure) at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof Wang is an expert in mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance and design of management incentive plans. He has published papers in globally leading finance and accounting journals such as Journal of Finance, Review of Financial Studies, Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Journal of Banking and Finance. His two papers published in Journal of Finance in 2007 and 2009 were ranked in the annual top ten mostly-cited articles. Another paper won the Emerald Excellence Award of citation in 2015. He had offered courses at China Europe International Business School for MBA, EMBA, Finance MBA and executive programs and was one of the most popular professors. Prof Wang was interviewed several times by well-known medias, including Phoenix TV, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CCTV, China Daily and Sina Finance. He is also a frequent guest on China Business Network. 



Academic Publications

Working Papers:

1. Labor Unemployment Risk and CEO Incentive Compensation (with Andrew Ellul and Kuo Zhang) (2015 EFA, 2016 AFA)

2. Financial Fraud and Analyst Reputation (with Xiumin Martin and Xiangang Xin)

3. Older and Wiser, or Too Old to Govern? (with Ronald Masulis, Fei Xie, and Shuran Zhang) (2017 AFA)



1. Corporate Governance and Acquirer Returns, (with Ronald Masulis and Fei Xie), August 2007, Journal of Finance 62, 1851-1889. Top 10 most-cited papers published at Journal of Finance in 2007 (reported by Journal of Finance)

2. Corporate Governance Transfer and Synergistic Gains from Mergers and Acquisitions, (with Fei Xie), February 2009, Review of Financial Studies 22, 829-858.

3. Agency Problems at Dual-Class Companies, (with Ronald Masulis and Fei Xie), 2009, Journal of Finance, 64, 1697-1727 Top 10 most-cited papers published at Journal of Finance in 2009 (reported by Journal of Finance)

4. Do Executive Stock Options Induce Excessive Risk Taking? (with Zhiyong Dong and Fei Xie), October 2010, Journal of Banking and Finance 34, 2518-2529.

5. Globalizing the Boardroom - The Effects of Foreign Directors on Corporate Governance and Firm Performance (with Ronald Masulis and Fei Xie), 2012, Journal of Accounting and Economics 53, 527-554 2015 Emerald Citations of Excellence for 2015

6. Industry Expertise of Independent Directors and Board Monitoring (with Fei Xie and Min Zhu), 2015, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 50, 929-962.

7. Foreign Cash: Taxes, Internal Capital Markets, and Agency Problems (with Jarrad Harford and Kuo Zhang), 2017, Review of Financial Studies 30, 1490-1538.

8. CEO Inside Debt and Accounting Conservatism (with Fei Xie and Xiangang Xin), 2018, Contemporary Accounting Research 35, 2131–2159.

9. Employee-Manager Alliances and Shareholder Returns from Acquisitions (with Ronald Masulis and Fei Xie), forthcoming, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.