I aim to answer with my research one of the most important questions humans can ask: What is the good life? My research benefited from paradigms developed in the positive psychology movement, and my primary approach to study the good life has been using self-determination theory (SDT). SDT is a theory that focuses on certain inherent human needs (especially the need to be autonomous and volitional in our experiences and behavior) as essential to living a good life. Because the subject of my research often concerns young people, many of my research also uses SDT to address the positive functioning in developmental and educational settings.


I am looking for a research assistant now. Please contact me if you are interested. In your email, please explain why you want to work with me, how this research assistantship fits in your goals, how much time you are willing to dedicate to research work, etc., and attach a CV (should include your prior research work, GPA, etc.).

Awards and honors

Selected Publication in English Peer-Reviewed Journal Papers:

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Selected Chinese Book, Chapters, & Journal Papers:

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Ad hoc reviewers:

Journal of Happiness Studies, British Journal of Educational PsychologyApplied Psychology: An International Review, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, Learning & Individual Differences, International Journal of Psychology, Psychological Reports, Current Psychology, etc.