Chenglong Zhang is currently an Assistant Professor of Information Systems in The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. He obtained his Ph.D in Management Science with concentration on Information Systems from University of Texas at Dallas. Prior to the doctoral study, he received his bachelor's degree in Management of Information Systems from Tianjin University. His research projects are on sharing economy and fairness in artificial intelligence., as well as blockchain


Journal Reviewer:

Management Science

MIS Quarterly

Information Systems Research

Decision Support Systems

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

Information Technology and Management

Business and Information Systems Engineering

Annals of Operations Research

Electronic Commerce Research and Applications

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1. Zhang, C., Chen, J., & Raghunathan, S. (2022). Two-sided platform competition in a sharing economy. Management Science, 68(12), 8909-8932. (

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*: the Corresponding author


Working Papers:

1. Zhang, C., Ryu, Y., Jacob, V. You Are What You Post: An Extraction Framework of Fairness Beliefs using Machine Learning. 

2. Zhang, H., Zhang, C., Raghunathan, S. Service Quality and Wage Differentiation in Two-Sided Ridesharing Platforms.

3. Zhang, C., Ryu, Y., Jacob, V. What is Fair? Implications for Intelligent System Design. 

4. Zhang, C., Chen, J., Raghunathan, S. Efficient Mechanisms for Trading Differentiated Services with Two-Sided Information Asymmetry in Sharing Economy.

5. Zhang C., Feng, N., Li, J. To be Public or Private? An Economical Analysis of Launching Strategies of Bug Bounty Programs

Work in Progress:

1. Deng, Q., Zhang, C., Zhao, L.  Preventing Greenwash: The Roles of Blockchain in Regulating Green Bond. (Equal Contribution)

2. Deng, Q., Sun, B., Zhang, C. Unbox the Blackbox of Deep Learning Models: A Use Case of UGC Management in Online Forums. (Equal Contribution)