Professor Jinfan Zhang received his PhD in Finance from Yale University and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University, MSc in Statistics from Harvard University, BE in Electronic Engineering in Tsinghua University and BA in Economics in Peking University. Before joining CUHK(SZ), Professor Zhang worked as an economist in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and an assistant professor in CKGSB. He is an associate professor of finance in the School of Management and Economics now. Professor Zhang published a large number of papers in many top financial academic journals including Review of Financial Studies and 金融研究. His research findings won the Best Paper Award in 2011 Western Finance Association Annual Meeting. His main research fields include Asset Pricing, Chinese Economy and Internet Finance.

Academic Publications

Academic Publications: 
“基于混频向量自回归模型的宏观经济预测”, 张劲帆, 刚健华, 钱宗鑫, 张龄琰, 金融研究,2018年第5期
“企业上市与企业创新----基于中国企业专利申请的研究”, 张劲帆, 李汉涯, 何晖, 金融研究, 2017第五期
“Anticipated and Repeated Shocks in Liquid Markets” (with Dong Lou and Hongjun Yan) Review of Financial Studies, 2014
NASDAQ OMX Award for the Best Paper on Asset Pricing at Western Finance Association Annual Conference, 2011
“Collateral-Motivated Financial Innovation” (with Ji Shen and Hongjun Yan), Review of Financial Studies, 2014

IMF Policy Research Publications: 
“Corporate Leverage in Emerging Markets – A Concern?” IMF Global Financial Stability Report 2015 Fall, Chapter 3
“Financial Landscape, Risks and Institutional Arrangements for Financial Stability in China”, with Tao Sun and Min Liu, IMF Policy Paper 2016
“IMF South Africa 2017 Article IV Staff Report”, with Paolo Mauro, Alejandro Sergio Simone
“Sovereign Rating System: What Lies Beneath?”, with Rodolfo Maino, Lisheng Wang, IMF Policy Paper 2017
著作:“危机的逻辑”, 王松,张劲帆,2018

Electrical Engineering Publications:

"Low Complexity Scheduling Algorithms for Downlink Multiuser MIMO Systems," IEICE Transactions on Communications, Feb. 2007 (with Shidong Zhou and Jing Wang)
"Joint Linear Transmitter and Receiver Design for the Downlink of Multiuser MIMO Systems," IEEE Communications Letters, Nov. 2005 (with Yongle Wu and Jing Wang)
“Linear transmitter precoding design for downlink of multiuser MIMO systems, ” IEE Electronics Letters, July. 2005 (with Yongle Wu, Mingguang Xu and Jing Wang)