Dr. Ruane is a lecturer in the school of Humanities and Social Science. He obtained his PhD and Master of Research in Applied Linguistics from Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.

Colum joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen in 2020. Before then, he worked at Macquarie University, Sydney teaching and tutoring in linguistics, and mentoring HDR candidates on their projects. Colum is a member of the Multilingualism Research Centre based at Macquarie University and is an associate supervisor on a PhD project. 

Previous positions held by Dr. Ruane include, lecturer in the linguistics programme at the University of New England, Australia; a post-doc researcher at the Australian Institute of Health Innovation; and, lecturer in cultural and academic communications at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul South Korea. Colum has over 11 years of tertiary level teaching experience. 

Colum's academic interests are English ideologies, linguistic imperialism, language learner identity, globalisation & cosmopolitanism, and research methodologies.


Published Articles & Reports

Long, J., Ruane, C., Ellis, L., Lake, R., Le Roux, A., Testa, L., Shand, F., Torok, M., Zurynsk, Y. (2022). Networks to strengthen community social capital for suicide prevention in regional Australia: The LifeSpan Suicide Prevention Initiative. International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 16(10),

Ruane, C. (2022). Cosmopolitanism: A framework for examining English language learners' global relations. Academia Letters, Article 4801.

Ruane, C. (2021). The Utility and Cultural Framing of Global English: perspectives from a group of Korean English users. Cogent Arts & Humanities, 8(1), 1-20

Zurynski, Y. C., Long, J. C., Ellis, L., Ruane, C., Lake, R., Tesla, L., La Roux, A. (2021). Implementation Evaluation of the LifeSpan Suicide Prevention Initiative. Australian Institute of Health Innovation and the NHRMC Partnership Centre for Health System Sustainability.

Ruane, C. (2020). A Study of Korean ESL Learners’ WTC in an L2 Environment: an approximate replication of Yashima, Zenuk-nishide, and Shimizu (2004). TESL-EJ, 23(4), 1-23.

Austin, E. E., Lanos, N., Hutchinson, K., Barnes, S., Fajardo Pulido, D., Ruane, C., & Clay-Williams, R. (forthcoming). Groundhog Day in the Emergency Department: 20 years of news coverage in Australia. Journalism.


Conference Presentations

2020 November, 46th JALT International Conference. Problemtising Global English Identities.

2020, October. 15th  International Conference for the Association of Language Awareness. English

Ideologies and Global Communities.

2020, October. Postgraduate Conference on Multilingualism, Macquarie University. Examining English in Contemporary Society.

2020 September Linguistic Research Showcase, Macquarie University. Viewing English through a Cosmopolitan Lens.

2020, July. KATE International Conference South Korea. Global English Communities: a Korean perspective.  

2019, November. 45th JALT International Conference, Nagoya Japan. Conceptualising English within the Korean Education System.

2019, May. Festival of Learning and Teaching, Macquarie University. Academic Literacy activating reflective learning.

2018, November. ALAA Linguistic Conference, University of Wollongong. English within the Global Space: perspectives from Korean English users.

2018, September. The University of Sydney TESOL Research Network Colloquium. Reflecting on Global Identities from a Korean perspective.

2017, November. ALANZ / ALAA / ALTAANZ Linguistics Conference, Auckland NZ. Understanding Global English and ELF: classroom implications.

2016, September. The University of Sydney TESOL Research Network Colloquium. Korean learners of English willingness to communicate in English in an overseas L2 environment.