Law School, The University of Hong Kong.
EU-China Human Rights Fellow (European Commission funded), National University of Ireland Galway.

Organizer of the EU-China Human Rights Dialogue (EU-China Human Rights Network)

Awards and honors
  • 2019
  • 2017
  • 2015
  • 2009
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    First Prize, China Human Rights Young Scholar Forum, CUPL

  • 02


    Third Prize, China Youth Legal Scholar Forum, China Law Association.

  • 03


    Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Students Abroad, China Scholarship Council.

  • 04


    EU-China Human Rights Scholar, the EU-China Human Rights Network, Irish Centre for Human Rights, NUI Galway.


Monographs & Book Chapters

Dang, H. P. (2017). International Law, Human Rights and Public Opinion: The Role of the State in Educating on Human Rights Standards. New York: Routledge.

Dang, H. P. (2013). The State’s Obligation to Educate Its Population in Core Human Rights Standards. in Krzysztof Mazur, Piotr Musiewicz and Bogdan Szlachta (Ed.), Promoting Changes in Times of Transition and Crisis: Reflections on Human Rights Education (pp. 307-324). Krakow: Księgarnia Akademicka.

Dang, H. P. (2012). State Obligation to Influence Public opinion Under International Law – Capital Punishment and Public Opinion. in Maria L. Idomir, Matthias Keuschnigg and Michael Platzer (Ed.), Working Together towards the Universal Abolition of the Death Penalty (pp. 68-73). Vienna: Academic Council on the United Nations System.

Dang, H. P. (2011). A Legal Sociology Analysis on Liao Tingting Intentional Killing Case. in Bingzhi Zhao (Ed.). Jurisprudence on Criminal Cases (pp. 220-246). Beijing: Peking University Press. (in Chinese)


Peer Reviewed Articles (Note: *Corresponding author)

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