Gautam GHOSH

Academic Publications

Gautam GHOSH

Senior Lecturer

Education Background:
BA (Northwestern University, USA)

MA (University of California, Berkeley, USA)

PHD (University of Chicago, USA)
Academic Area

Anthropology, International Studies, Globalization, Asian Studies


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Social Change; Liberalism, Nationalism & Citizenship; Globalization; Religion; Migration & Multiculturalism; Political Theory, iDigital Governance; South Asia; Asian-Americans

Academic Publications

Edited Book:

·         Gautam Ghosh (lead editor) and Jacqui Leckie (ed), Asians and the New Multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand, University of Otago Press, 2015. 316 pages. E-book: March 2017.

Chapter in Book:

·         "Nation, Religion and Duration in India", in Subashri Ghosh (ed) The 1947 Partition in the East and North-East: Trends and Trajectories. Routledge, UK, forthcoming.

·         Ghosh, G. (2015). Introduction: Multi-multiculturalisms in the new New Zealand. In G. Ghosh & J. Leckie (Eds.), Asians and the new multiculturalism in Aotearoa New Zealand. (pp. 7-36). Dunedin, New Zealand: Otago University Press.

·         “The (Un) Braiding of Time in the 1947 Partition of British India,” Anthony Grafton and Marc Rodriquez (eds), Migration in History: Human Migration in Comparative Perspective. In series published by University of Rochester Press on behalf of the Davis Center of Princeton University, pp. 53-85, 2007.

Journal - Research Article:

·         "Civiization, Barbarism, Comparison," forthcoming in COMPASS (2018)

·         Ghosh, G. (2017). Nobility or utility? Zamindars, businessmen, and bhadralok as curators of the Indian nation in Satyajit Ray's Jalsaghar (The Music Room). Modern Asian Studies. Cambridge U Press (open access). doi: 10.1017/S0026749X16000482

·         Ghosh, G. (2015). An 'infiltration' of time? Hindu chauvinism and Bangladeshi migration in/to Kolkata, India. Journal of Comparative Research in Anthropology and Sociology, 6(1), 263-288.

·         Ghosh, G. (2006). A response to six questions. Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences (Kolkata), 3, 5-7.

Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract:

·         Ghosh, G. (2015). Awesome ethics and impossible professors: Nation, cultivation and inclusion in India. Proceedings of the Australian Anthropological Society (AAS) Conference: Moral Horizons. Retrieved from

·         Ghosh, G. (2014). Converting forced migration into voluntary association through ritual. 17th Annual Nordic Migration Conference: Flows, Places and Boundaries: Migratory Challenges and New Agendas. (pp. 105). Retrieved from

·         Ghosh, G. (2011). Patronizing progress in Great(er) Bengal. Proceedings of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Australian Anthropological Society and Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/NZ (IUAES/AAS/ASAANZ) Conference: Knowledge and Value in a Globalising World: Disentangling Dichotomies, Querying Unities. Retrieved from

·         Ghosh, G. (2011). Pre/occupying the people. Postcolonial Studies Research Network Conference: Citizenship in an Era of Global Crisis. Retrieved from

·         Ghosh, G. (2009). Communities, communitas and political theology in Cyberia. Proceedings of the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ) Conference. Retrieved from

Conference Contribution - Verbal presentation and other Conference outputs:

·         Ghosh, G. (2014, June). Divisions Of grandeur: Glory And irony after the partitions Of Bengal. Verbal presentation at the Long History of Partition in Eastern India Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand.

·         Ghosh, G. (2013, November). Multiculturalism in/and/as "the Asian century". Verbal presentation at the 20th New Zealand Asian Studies Society (NZASIA) International Conference, Auckland, New Zealand.

·         Ghosh, G. (2011, November). People's power as collective agency. Verbal presentation at the Perspectives on Power Conference, Brisbane, Australia.

·         Ghosh, G. (2009, June). Hindu civilization and its contents. Verbal presentation at the ′The New Exotic?′ Postcolonialism and Globalisation Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand.

·         Ghosh, G. (2009, December). Communities, communitas and political theology in Cyberia. Invited presentation at the Association of Social Anthropologists of Aotearoa/New Zealand (ASAANZ) Conference, Picton, New Zealand.

·         Ghosh, G. (2007, May-June). Godspeed! Citizenship and chauvinism in transnational Hindutva. Verbal presentation at the Proceedings of the Secularism and Beyond International Conference: Comparative Perspectives, Copenhagen, Denmark.

·         Ghosh, G. (2007, May). Godspeed! Equality re-calculated in the global Hindu avante-garde. Verbal presentation at the Canadian Anthropology Society and the American Ethnological Society (CASCA-AES) Conference: Indigeneities and Cosmopolitanisms, Toronto, Canada.

Other Research Output:

·         Ghosh, G. (2015, February). Divisions of grandeur: Nation, partition and representation in Bengal. South Asia Seminar Series, School of Interdisciplinary Area Studies, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK. [invited Seminar].

·         Ghosh, G. (2014, December). Divisions of grandeur: Nation, partition and representation in Bengal. South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany. [Invited Seminar].

·         Huat, C. B., Schonthal, B., Voci, P., Hill, D., Ghosh, G., Devadas, V., & Nicholls, B. (2013). The Asian century: Encounters and exchanges, Asian Migrations Research Theme, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand. [Roundtable Discussion].

·         Ghosh, G. (2010, December). Time's sovereign. Invited lecture at the Department of Anthropology Lecture Series, Reed College, Portland, Oregon. [Invited Lecture].

·         Ghosh, G. (2010). The sacrifice of sovereignty, and vice versa. Invited seminar at the School of Social and Cultural Studies Seminar Series, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. [Invited Seminar].

·         Ghosh, G. (2008, February). Alien rights: Migration, religion, and sovereignty in global citizenship. Invited lecture at the Anthropology Department, Haverford College, Pennsylvania. [Invited Lecture].

·         Ghosh, G. (2008, February). India: Large and small, then and now. Invited lecture at the Department of Sociology, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. [Invited Lecture].

·         Ghosh, G. (2008, February). Hindu citizenship and chauvinism. Invited lecture at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Knox College, Galesburg, Illinois. [Invited Lecture].

·         Ghosh, G. (2007, December). Citizenship, civilization, and the migration of Hindu nationalism. Invited lecture at James Madison College, Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan. [Invited Lecture].

·         Ghosh, G. (2006, April). The privileges of citizenship in transnational time. Invited lecture at the Sacred Cows & False Prophets: Traversing History and Religion in South Asia Lecture Series, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. [Invited Lecture].