Guo, X., Cheung, A, Abrami, P., Wade, A. (2023). Examining the impact of ABRACADEBRA

(ABRA), as a gamed-based online literacy program, on primary school students in rural

Hunan, China. Educational Technology Research and Development, 1-26. (SSCI). Impact factor: 5.4


Cheung, A., Guo, X., Wang, X.R., & Miao, Z., (2018). Push and pull factors influencing Mainland

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Mak, B., Cheung, A., Guo, X., Abrami, P., Wade, A. (2017). Examining the impact of the ABRACADABRA 

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      Information Technologies, 22(6), 2671-2691. http://doi. org/10.1007/s10639-017-9620-3 (SSCI  

      journal). Impact factor: 3.66.

Funded Projects:

Principle investigator

Effects of visual reality on improving students' English presentation performances and anxiety level: a quasi-

experimental study (Teaching Innovative Grant) (80,000 RMB) (2023-2025). 

Principle investigator

“讲好中国故事”背景下以人工智能及虚拟现实技术下促进大学生英语演讲水平的教学质量提升项目[Enhancing English Speaking Skills among College Students through Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Technologies to Improve Teaching Quality in the Promotion of China's Cultural Narrative]. 2023年广东省本科高校质量与教学改革工程项目立项 [Guangdong Teritary Education Teaching Quality Reform Project 2023] .