Ruobing Han, a recent graduate of Stanford's Ph.D. program in Economics, specializes in Quantitative Marketing. His intellectual curiosity extends to Industrial Organization and Applied Microeconomics and the dynamics of the Chinese Economy. In addition to his academic pursuits, Ruobing is an avid reader and enjoys playing basketball in his spare time.


Working Papers

1. Regulating the Influencer Market (Job Market Paper)

2. How Working From Home Works Out (with Nick Bloom & James Liang)

3. Streaming Customers in Live Stream Selling— Identifying Lifts from Sales Pitch (with Xing Li & Yifan Tang)


Work in Progress

1. Exclusivity and Multi-homing Regulation - Evidence from Chinese E-commerce Platforms (with Hanming Fang & Zhuoqun Hao)

2. Influencer Economy - Evidence from Alibaba (with Will Cong, Siguang Li & Jiewei Li)