HAN Yuchen


HAN Yuchen

Associate Professor (Teaching)

Education Background:
Bachelor of Law in Sociology (Sun Yat-sen University)
MSc. in Social Policy and Development (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Ph.D. in Sociology and China Studies (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Teaching Area

Sociology, Gender Studies, Qualitative Research Methodology, Philanthropy


Contemporary China’s social transformation, Post/Modernity, Globalization, Alternative Development, Gender Studies, Qualitative Inquiry, Pedagogy


Selected Publications:

l  Journal Articles

Han, Yuchen. 2021, The politics of kitchen work: Co-production of a retired man's “hegemonic masculinity” during the COVID-19 quarantine. Gender Work Organhttps://doi.org/10.1111/gwao.12713, Online First. SSCI, Q1.


Han, Yuchen. 2020. Bargaining with patriarchy: returned dagongmei's (factory girls') gendered spaces in neoliberalizing China's hinterland, Gender, Place & Culture, DOI: 10.1080/0966369X.2020.1825213, Online First. SSCI, Q1.


Shen, Y., Xu, Y. & Han, Y. 2011. Internship or labor abuse? Chinese Workers. 2011(1): 25-28. Beijing, China.


Liu, C. & Han, Y. 2010. New rural pension insurance system in China. China Journal of Social Work. 3(1): 83-87. Scopus.


Liu, Z. & Han, Y. 2009. Post-disaster reconstruction and social work development in the Chinese mainland. China Journal of Social Work. 2(3): 221-223. Scopus.


l  Book Review

Han, Y. 2012. Book Review on Disaster Social Work: Practice and Reflections in China’s CaseChina Journal of Social Work , 5(2):184-186, Routledge, UK. Scopus.


l  Book Chapters

Han, Y. 2012. Chapters of Introduction, 2, 5, Conclusion. In Pun Ngai, Lu Huilin, Shen Yuan & Guo Yuhua (eds). I Am in Foxconn. Intelligent Property Publishing House. Beijing, China. (In Chinese)


Han, Y. 2011. Chapters of Introduction, 5, Conclusion. In Pun Ngai, Lu Huilin, Shen Yuan & Guo Yuhua (eds). The Serial Jumps behind Foxconn’s Success. The Commercial Press. Hong Kong. (In Chinese)


Selected Conference Presentations:

l  August 2020: Panel Organizer, Chair and Presenter, Panel of Creating Gendered Spaces: Women’s Choices, Strategies and Rationales in Contemporary China, Annual Conference of Association of Asian Studies, Kobe, Japan, Online.

l  December 2018: Negotiating Patrilocality: How Dagongmei Posit Themselves upon Return to Rural Homes? in 2018 Asia Conference of International Chinese Sociological Association, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong.


l  December 2018: Educating Chinese Middle Class Youth on ‘Gender Matters’: A Feminist Anthropological Exploration, in the International Conference on Gender, Sexuality and Justice: Resilience in Uncertain Times, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.


l  December 2018: Educating Middle Class Youth in a Chinese-Foreign Cooperative University on ‘Gender Matters’ in 2018 Institute on General Education cum Teacher and Student Conference, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.


l  July 2018: The Transformative Gender Identities of Returnee Migrant Women: How would the Chinese Rural Nora Return Home? in the 13th International Conference on the Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Granada University, Spain.


l  June 2016: Revisiting the methodological labyrinth of ethnography: A case study on the lived experience of the return migrant women in post-Mao China, in the 7th Annual International Summer School for Young Scholars on Contemporary China Studies, Nanjing University


l  June 2014: When Migrant Women Workers Return Home: Their Lived Experiences in the Fast-growing China’s Hinterland, in the 7th Conference of Global Studies, Shanghai, China

Invited Talks:

l   February, April. 2021: “女性主义的历史与今天行走的好奇心——社会调研方法讲座,大中华地区社会性别与公益教育研习营,见新社会创新教育,云讲座

l   Dec.2020: “Dagongmei, Transforming China and Qualitative Inquiry”, invited by Higher Education Research Center, Southern University of Science and Technology.

l   May, June, Sep. 2020: “行走的好奇心——社会调研方法讲座,大中华地区社会创新与公益金融研习营,见新社会创新教育,云讲座

l   June 2017: “Reflective Journey on Qualitative Research Method”, invited by Social work department, Beijing Normal University (Zhuhai Campus), Zhuhai

l   June 2017: “Discovering Consumption in the Era of Globalization from a Feminist Perspective” Invited by Longgang Library, Shenzhen

l   Oct 2015: “When migrant factory women return home: their lived experiences in fast-growing China’s hinterland” invited by Luncheon Seminar Series, University of Macau, Macau

l   July 2014: “The Booming African Community Foundation” invited by Shenzhen Charity Association, Shenzhen