I am Yiyue Huangfu (皇甫怡悦), an assistant professor at School of Humanities and Social Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. I received my Ph.D. in Sociology from the Department of Sociology at University of Wisconsin - Madison. 

I am a social demographer, with interests in inequality, migration, and aging. Much of my current work is substantively focused on the causes, consequences, and contingencies of internal migration in China. 


A second major strand of my research examines the welfare of elderly populations and the production of health across the life course. I draw on theories in demography, life course, and population genetics to investigate the relationship between social environment, population health, and human physiology. 


Using demographic, statistical, and econometric methods, my research illustrates how societal change and demographic shifts interact to produce consequences both at the population-level and for the wellbeing of individuals and families. My research focuses on two major domains: (1) migration and social inequality in China; and (2) aging, health, and life course. 

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