Rihuan Huang received his doctoral degree from the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at Cornell University. His current research interests include supply chain contracting and social responsibility. He uses experimental methods to study these topics to generate managerial insights from a behavioral perspective. His research has been published at Management Science.



1.“Retailer Inventory Sharing in Two-tier Supply Chains: An Experimental Investigation.” with Andrew M. Davis and Douglas J. Thomas. 2022. Management Science, 68(12): 8773-8790.  

·  Runner Up, College of Behavioral OM Junior Scholar Paper Competition, POMS 2020.

2.“Joint optimisation of order batching and picker routing in the online retailer’s warehouse in China.” with Jianbin Li and James Bin Dai. International Journal of Production Research 2017, 55(2): 447-461.

3.“Inventory allocation policy to distribution centers with minimum split orders in online retailing.” with Jianbin Li and Lele Li. Journal of Industrial Engineering & Engineering Management 2017, 31(3):167-173. (in Chinese)

Working Paper

1.“Trade Credit and Bankruptcy Risk in Supply Chains: An Experimental Study.” with Andrew M. Davis and Kyle B. Hyndman. Major revision at Manufacturing & Service Operations Management.