Dr. Xiaoqian (Lara) Hu joined the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen - CUHK(SZ) in August, 2022 as a lecturer in the General Education Division of the School of Humanities and Social Science upon successfully completing her education from bachelor’s to a Ph.D at several university in the United States.

While obtaining her education she was engaged in various research projects related to philosophy of physics, history and philosophy of science, and early modern philosophy as well as teaching undergraduate students in history and philosophy of science. Her research and teaching focus continues to focus on physics and history and philosophy of science. 

Dr, Hu was born and raised in Shenzhen and graduated from Shenzhen Middle School. She spends most of her free time seeking a balance between good food (a serious foodie), bubble tea, books, music, yoga/Pilates, hiking, and fun outdoor activities (a crazy ski-lover who also loves paddle boarding and surfing).

Awards and honors