Jessie Bee Kim KOH


Jessie Bee Kim KOH

Assistant Professor

Education Background:
BA (National University of Singapore)
BSocSci (Hon) (National University of Singapore)
MSocSci (National University of Singapore)
PhD (Cornell University, USA)

Culture and Values; Narrative; Self and Development; Emotions and Well-Being; Learning and Academic Achievement


Journal Articles (Selected)

·         Wang, Q., Hou, Y., Koh, J. B. K., Song, Q., & Yang, Y. (2018). Culturally motivated remembering: The moderating role of culture for the relation of episodic memory to well-being. Clinical Psychological Science (published online first).

·         Wang, Q., Song, Q., & Koh, J. B. K. (2017). Culture, memory and narrative self-makingImagination, Cognition and Personality, 37(2): 199-223.

·         Wang, Q., & Koh, J. B. K. (2015). How will things be the next time? Self in the construction of future events among school-aged children. Consciousness and Cognition, 36, 131-138.

·         Wang, Q., Koh, J. B. K., & Song, Q. (2015). Meaning-making through personal storytelling: Narrative research in Asian American context. Asian American Journal of Psychology, 6(1), 88-96.

·         Koh, J. B. K., & Wang, Q. (2014). Constructing modesty: The influence of culture. Cognitive Sciences, 7(2), 139-159.

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·         Wang, Q., Koh, J. B. K., Liang, A. Y., Li, J. Y., & Lindsey, S. (2009). Self-narrative and the construction of identity in Asian American young adultsInternational Journal of Psychology Research, , 4(1/2), 17-44. REPRINTED in A. M. Columbus (Ed.), Advances in Psychology Research (Vol. 76) (pp. 15-36). Hauppauge, NY US: Nova Science Publishers, 2011.

·         Koh, J. B. K., Chang, W. C., Fung, D. S. S., & Kee, C. H. Y. (2007). Conceptualization and manifestation of depression in an Asian context: Formal construction and validation of a children’s depression scale in SingaporeCulture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, 31(2), 225-249.

Book Chapters (Selected):

·         Wang, Q., Koh, J. B. K., & Yang, Y. (2015). The cultural self in mind and action. In T. B. Hansen, K. Jensen de López, & P. Berliner (Eds.), Self in culture in mind: Conceptual and applied approaches to self construal, Vol. 2  (pp. 257-268). Aalborg University Press.

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Conference Papers (Selected):

·         Koh, J. B. K., Nicoladis, E., & Marentette, P. (2017). Changing societies, changing stories: Storytelling in Chinese-Canadian and Beijing Chinese children. Presentation at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research in Child Development, April 6-8, Texas, Austin, USA.

·         Koh, J. B. K., & Wang, Q. (2017). Self-development in the cultural contexts. In Y. Tang & G. Northoff (Co-Chairs), Self-plasticity: Behavioral, cultural and neural intersections. Presentation at the International Convention of Psychological Science, March 23-25, Vienna, Austria.

·         Koh, J. B. K., Song, Q., & Wang, Q. (2016). Meaning-making of negative experiences and socio-emotional well-being in European-American and Chinese immigrant childrenPresentation at the International Congress of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology, July 30-August 3, Nagoya, Japan.

·         Koh, J. B. K., & Wang, Q. (2016). Mother-child talk about internal states in European-American and Chinese immigrant families: Implications on children’s socio-emotional well-being. In Y. Yang & Q. Wang (Co-Chairs), Maternal emotional socialization and child socio-emotional outcomes in different cultural contexts. Presentation at the International Congress of the International Association of Cross-Cultural Psychology, July 30-August 3, Nagoya, Japan.

·         Koh, J. B. K., & Wang, Q. (2016). Culture and collaborative conversation: Talking about past and future in European-American and Chinese familiesIn A. Barnier (Chair), Storytelling, scaffolding, success and sensitivity in collaborative memory across the lifespan. Presentation at the International Conference on Memory, July 17-22, Budapest, Hungary.