Gregory Jones-Katz is an American intellectual and cultural historian. He earned his Ph.D. in American History from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2016, and is currently a lecturer at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Greg’s research and teaching interests include the history of philosophy, literature, literary criticism and theory, and higher education; the transatlantic flow of intellectual and cultural movements; and the philosophy of history, historiography, and the theory and practice of historical writing. His book on deconstruction in America is under contract with the University of Chicago Press.

Academic Publications

Current Book Project:

1. Deconstruction: An American Institution (under contract with the University of Chicago Press; expected publication Fall 2020)


Refereed Articles:

1. 2019    “(An Illustration of) Jacques Derrida at the Limits of the Historicist Chronotype,” Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice (forthcoming)
2. 2019    “Kicking the Philosophy Habit: Richard Rorty’s Clarion Call and the Cultural Politics of the Academic Left,” Special Issue: Rorty and Paradigm Change in Philosophy, Analyse & Kritik: Zeitschrift für
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3. 2018    “’The Brides of Deconstruction and Criticism’ and the Transformation of Feminism in the North American Academy,” Modern Intellectual History (access online: June 2018; forthcoming in print)
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5. 2017    “’I am two distinct beings’: Paul de Man’s Authenticating Project,” Special Issue:
Authenticity, Rethinking History: The Journal of Theory and Practice 21:2 (2017): 213-234 (reprinted in
Authenticity: Reading, Remembering, Performing. Edited by Patrick Finney. Routledge, 2018)

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7. 2010    “The Riddle of Paul de Man,” Intellectual History Review 20:2 (2010): 253-27 


Reviews and Essays:

1. 2019    “Where is Deconstruction Today?; On Jacques Derrida’s Theory and Practice (The Seminars of
Jacques Derrida)
 and Byung-Chul Han’s Shanzhai: Deconstruction in Chinese,” Los Angeles Review of
 (May 8)

2. 2017    “Derrida’s Answers to Heidegger’s Question,” review of Heidegger: The Question of Being and History (The Seminars of Jacques Derrida), by Jacques Derrida, H-France Review Vol. 17 (March), No. 59

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