John R. Williams is a student of Chinese philosophy, primarily interested in the "Lao-Zhuang" ("老莊")-related works of Hanshan Deqing 憨山德清 (1546-1623),  Fang Yizhi 方以智 (1611-1671), Wang Fuzhi 王夫之 (1619-1692), and Lin Yunming 林雲銘 (1628–1697). He is currently working on a complete bilingual edition of the Zhuangzi 莊子 with Christoph Harbsmeier. He wrote a dissertation on Fang Yizhi’s  masterwork of Zhuangzi commentary, Monk Yaodi Distills the Essence of the Zhuangzi 藥地炮莊, at the National University of Singapore. He lectures in General Education and Philosophy.

Academic Publications

o An Annotated Translation of Fang Yizhis Commentary on Zhuangzis Butterfly Dream Story, Monumenta Serica, (forthcoming)

o “A Couple Nagging Interpretive Difficulties in Zhuangzi Studies vis-à-vis William James on the Ethics and Psychology of Belief,”Frontiers of Philosophy in China, 14(4) (2019)

o “Christoph Harbsmeier contra Karyn Lai and Kevin DeLapp on the Epistemological Characteristics of Early Confucianism,” Journal of Confucian Philosophy and Culture, 30 (2018)

o “Two Paradigmatic Strategies for Reading Zhuang Zi’s “Happy Fish” Vignette as Philosophy: Guo Xiang’s and Wang Fuzhi’s Approaches,”Comparative Philosophy, 9(2) (2018)

o “The Vanishing Wild Card: Challenges and Implications of Ziporyns Zhuangzi,” Philosophy East & West, 67(1) (2017)

o “The Radiance of Drift and Doubt: Zhuangzi and the Starting Point of Philosophical Discourse,” Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy, 16(1) (2017)