Wei Wang earned his Ph.D. in Finance from Indiana University and holds a Master’s in Economics from Tsinghua University and a Bachelor’s in Economics and Applied Mathematics from Wuhan University. Wei’s research area is asset pricing, specializing in heterogeneous belief, machine learning, and social media.



1. “Margin Trading and corporate investment” (2019), with Jiaren Pang and Dapeng Chen, Review of Investment Studies, in Chinese, 38(4).

2. “Determinants and Wealth Effects of Listed Companies’ Decisions to Establish Buyout Funds” (2018), with Jiaren Pang and Hua Zhou, Journal of Financial Research, in Chinese, 452(2).


Working Papers

1. Learning Costs and Information Quality: Why Do We Disagree?

2. Do Investors Overreact to Managerial Tones?