Lifang Peng


Lifang Peng


Education Background:
PhD Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Master of Philosophy Xiamen University
Office Address

Room 224, Zhi Xin Building


Political thought/philosophy, intellectual history, political science, international relations, modern China, politics and government of New Zealand


Peer-reviewed journal articles

新西兰MMP与当代政党政治,《国别和区域研究》forthcoming in 2022

Du Jidong, Wu Minchao, Duncan Campbell, and Lifang Peng, “A Study of the History of the Chinese Diaspora of New Zealand from the Perspective of Global History.” New Zealand Journal of Asian Studies 21, no. 2 (December 2019): 1-24.

Lifang Peng, “Carsun Chang on Democratic Socialism: Liberalism, Social Democracy, and German Idealism.” American Journal of Chinese Studies 26, no. 2 (October 2019): 107-127.

Invited talks 

跨文化交流中的中西文化差异问题,香港中文大学(深圳)国际交流处. 20 November 2021.

新西兰外交:务实主义与多边主义,中山大学大洋洲研究工作坊. 6 November 2021.

"Carsun Chang on a Chinese Republic of Federated Provinces: Semi-Presidentialism as a Novel Type of Democracy."  Seminar presented at the New Zealand Contemporary China Research Centre, Wellington, 20 May 2020.

Conference presentations

中美贸易战下的新西兰外交,多元多维的大洋洲地区秩序”会议. 4 December 2021

“Transition from Absolutism to Representative Democracy: Zhang Dongsun’s Philosophy of the Politics of the Virtuous.” Paper presented at the 2018 New Zealand Political Studies Association Conference, Wellington, 25-28 November 2018.

Media outlets

"New Zealand's Subtly Shifting Foreign Policy", The Diplomat. Updated 28 January 2022.

"Lee Teng-hui and Taiwan's Constitutional Arrangements," Asia Media Centre, Asia New Zealand Foundation.  Updated 12 August 2020.

"Lee Teng-hui: Mr Democracy or Godfather of Secessionism?" Asia Media Centre, Asia New Zealand Foundation. Updated 14 August 2020.



Translated works

Chapters 13, 14, and 16 in Sovereign debt and the financial crisis: will this time be different? http:zzdocuments.worldbank.orgzcuratedzenz2015z05z24456195zsovereign-debt-/nancial-crisis