I don't have land, so I am not a gentry. I cannot compose beautiful proses, so I am not a literatus, either. I have no official ranking, not even brevet ones, so I am not an official. All that I have is the self-identity of a scholar, with no publication as proofs. Thankfully, no matter what happens, I am still a civillian, father, husband, and son. I will also remain a student of the recent past in China. 

Awards and honors
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    2022-2023 Azure Cloud Computing Grants, Center for Statistics and Machine Learning of Princeton University

  • 02


    2020-2021 Dean’s Completion Fellowship, The Graduate School of Princeton University

  • 03


    2019-2020 Dissertation Completion Fellowship, Program of East Asian Studies at Princeton University

  • 04


    2019-2020 Community College Teaching Fellowship, The Graduate School of Princeton University

  • 05


    2015-2018 Summer Fieldwork Grants, Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies

  • 06


    2014-2018 Research Grants, The Department of East Asian Studies at Princeton University

  • 07


    2011-2012 Chinese Studies Merit Scholarship, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • 08


    2010-2011 Ace Style International Limited Scholarship, Hong Kong Baptist University

  • 09


    2007-2011 Zhi Yuan Fellowship, China Soong Ching Ling Foundation


“Huizhou tea merchants and the origins of the lijin commercial tax in Shanghai” (徽寧思恭堂與上海釐金之起源), in preparation to be submitted to Historical Research in Anhui (安徽史學).


“When Lijin Met Philanthropy: The Convergence of Gentry Elites, Merchant Organizations, and the Qing State,” in preparation to be submitted to The Journal of Chinese History.


“Gu Wenbin and the Suzhou Charity Hall for Infants,” Conference Edited Volume on Guoyunlou, Suzhou, China, October 2021, Forthcoming but delayed by Covid.


Zhu Yi, “A Concise History of Lubu in Southern Song Imperial Rituals” (南宋大禮儀卤簿略說), translated by Shengyu Yang, In Religion, Literature, Image in East Asian Cultural Exchanges, 116-125. Princeton: Princeton University East Asian Studies Department and EAS Program, 2016.