My research interests include Early Modern Global history, the history of Imperial China, and the circulation of scientific knowledge beyond imperial boundaries. I currently focus on the cultural and intellectual encounters of natural history, commerce and diplomatic relation between Britain and China in the eighteenth century. My research intends to situate the cultural and commercial exchange in a global network of knowledge circulation during this period.



Academic artcles:

(forthcoming) “The Faithful Interpreter: Introducing Chinese materia medica to early-modern Europe”, in Filippo Marsili, Eugenio Menegon ed. Translation as Practice: Intercultural Encounters, China, and the Creation of Global ModerditiesEdinburgh University Press series, “Edinburgh Studies in Comparative Political Theory and Intellectual History.”

Conference presentations:

2019  “Eating as an art of living: The dietetic knowledge and nourishing life (養生) as a part of the educated discourse in early modern China,” Symposium: Have You Eaten Yet? The History and Culture of Food in East Asia, University of San Francisco from Oct. 17 -Oct. 18.

Curiosity and Conflicts: Sino-British Medical Encounters in the Early Modern period”,The 66th Annual Midwest Conference on British Studies, Loyola University Chicago, September 27-29.

2017  “The Astronomer in an Embassy to the Celestial Empire: Scientific Knowledge Across  Boundaries in 18th century Britain,” The 64th Annual Midwest Conference on British Studies, Webster University, St. Louis, MO,September 29. 

2015  “Dissemination of Scientific Knowledge in 18th century Britain: A Case Study of James Dinwiddie,” Among Empires: the British Empire in Global Imperial Context, Lingnan University, Hong Kong, May 28.