Qiang Zhang is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the School of Management and Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. He received his Ph.D. in marketing from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and his bachelor's degree in management science from Nanjing University. His current research focuses on analyzing data on digital footprints of consumers when they search for products and consume content online. His research aims to provide quantitative managerial insights for video streaming platforms and online retailers. In terms of research methods, he has broad interests in analyzing unstructured data (image, text, and sound data), structural econometric models, and Bayesian methods. When not busy with research, Qiang enjoys swimming, coding, and traditional Chinese hand-writing.


Research Areas

Content Marketing, Online Retailing, Consumer Search, Digital Marketing, Social Media


Unstructured Data Analysis, Structural Econometric Models, Bayesian Methods, Machine Learning Methods

Published Research:

Liyin Jin, Yunhui Huang, Yongheng Liang, and Qiang Zhang, "Who Gets the Ventilator? Moral Decision Making Regarding Medical Resource Allocation in a Pandemic", Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2020.

Qiang Zhang, Wenbo Wang, and Yuxin Chen,“In-Consumption Social Listening with Moment-to-moment Unstructured Data: The Case of Movie Appreciation and Live Comments”, Marketing Science, 2020.

Working papers / Working in progress:

Qiang Zhang, Wenbo Wang, "Understanding In-Stream Advertising with Grangular Unstructured Data". 

Qiang Zhang, Yi Zhao, "Modeling Dependence in Search Sequence: The Impact of Product Networks on Consumer Search and Purchase". 

Qiang Zhang, Jun B. Kim, "Consumer Search and Choice under Limited Product Information".


NSFC for young scholars, "Understanding Moment-to-Moment Consumption Experience with Unstructured Data: The Timing Effect of In-Stream Advertisements", 240,000 RMB, 2021-2023