Working Experience:
2013-2014 PE teacher – Hong Kong Chan Nam Chong Memorial School
2012-2013 Research Assistant - Department of Health and Physical Education, Hong Kong Institution of Education
2014-present Lecturer- The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen

Academic Publications

·         Chen S.H., Sin K. F., & Zhang, Y. J. (2013). Adapted physical education sample lesson plan for teaching students with disabilities. Hong Kong Institute of Education (Book).
·         Chen, S. H., Sin, K. F. & Zhang, Y. J. (2013). Contemporary Trends, Research, Teaching and Coaching in Adapted Physical Activity. Hong Kong Institute of Education (Book).

Journal Publications:

·         Zhang Y. J., Li C. X., Liu X. L., & Song W. (2018) The Effects of Mind-body Exercise on Cognitive Performance in Elderly: A Meta-analysis. International Journal of Environment and Public Health.

·         Chen S. H., Zhang Y. J., & Liu X. L. (2018). The Effect of Qigong on Older Adults with Parkinson's Disease: A Meta-analysis. Internal Journal of Sports medicine.

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Conference Papers:

·         Zhang Y. J. & Song W. (2018, October). The effect of resistance training on cognitive frailty in adults with Mild Cognitive Impairment. Paper presented at the 4th Asian Conference for Frailty and Sarcopenia, Dalian, China.

·         Zhang Y. J. (2017, June). The Evident Efficacy of Taijiquan on the Physical and Mental of Mid/Older Aged People: A systematic review. Paper presented at the 8th Asia Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science, Bangkok, Thailand.

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·         Zhang, Y. J., Li, W. J., Chen, H. R. & Yan, B. (2013, November). Oral Status Quo in Residents with Dementia under the Special Facilities: A systematic review. Paper presented at the 6th Asia-Pacific Conference on Exercise and Sports Science, Taipei, Taiwan.