Zongbo Huang joined The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen in 2017. He is currently an assistant professor in Finance. He was awarded his Ph.D. in Economics by Princeton University. His research focuses on corporate finance and macro-finance with special emphasis on the real effects of financial frictions. 

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Quantifying Reduced-Form Evidence on Collateral Constraints [Abstract] [Paper]

with Sylvain CatherineThomas ChaneyDavid Sraer, and David Thesmar
Journal of Finance, 2022

The Risk of Implicit Guarantees: Evidence from Shadow Banks in China [Abstract] [Paper]
with Xiang Shao and Ji Huang
Review of Finance, 2023

Asset-side Bank Runs and Liquidity Rationing: A Vicious Cycle 

[Updated Nov. 2022] [Abstract] [Paper]

Major Revision, and Resubmitted to Management Science

Selected presentations: AFA(2018), EFA(2023)

Security-bid Auctions with Information Acquisition [Updated Nov. 2022] [Abstract] [Paper]
with Yunan Li
Selected presentations: Royal Economic Society(2021), SWFA(2021), Econometric Society North America Meeting(2021), Econometric Society China Meeting(2021)

Economic Policy Uncertainty, Safe Assets, and Bank's Implicit Guarantee [Coming Soon] [Abstract] [Paper]
with Xiang Shao and Ji Huang

Dynamic Optimal Taxation with Endogenous Skill Premia [Abstract] [Paper]
with Jason Ravit and Michael Sockin
Selected presentations: Econometric Society North America Meeting(2017)

Haircuts and Credit Risk over the Cycle [Abstract]
Selected presentations: Econometric Society World Congress(2015)