Aurelien BOUCHER


Aurelien BOUCHER


Education Background:
Phd in Sociology (Nantes University, FRANCE)
--Thesis title: “Table tennis top-level athletes training system and reform in contemporary China: From Mao’s oblate to self-made man”.

MA in Sociology, in Sociology (Nantes University, FRANCE)
--Thesis title: “From official discourse to unofficial interest: An analysis of a local sport administration policy”
Teaching Area

General Education


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Sport, educational strategies, social differentiation, modernity and individuation process



·         2008: Boucher, A. (2008). La Naissance du Sport en Chine, Paris: Publibook. (English Title: The birth of sport in China.)


Articles in peer review journals:

·          Boucher Aurelien, Li Yuqing and Shao Xueyun (2021). Being a golf trainer in China: The life of an artist?. DOI: 10.1177/1747954121998012•           

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Book chapter:

·         Boucher.A (2014). Zhongfa hezuo xiangmu_Qinghua daxue zhongfa zhongxin yunzuo ji guanli in Zhang Lihua & Wang Liang. Zhongguo wenhua waijiao ji yingxiang (pp.218-227). Beijing : Zhizhi chanquan chuban she

·         Boucher, A. (2011). Servir la population et/ou servir les élus : comment les cadres territoriaux se représentent-ils leur action ? in Mollet, F. Servir: Engagement, dévouement, asservissement les ambigu?tés du lien social. (pp.81-92). Paris : L’Harmattan .

English Title: Serve people or serve politician: How local government officer define their own work?


Book review:

·         Boucher A. (2018). Review of Laurence Roulleau Berger, “Post-western Revolution in Sociology”, for Theory Culture & Society. 

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