Dr. Boucher worked at the Nantes Sociology Research Center during his PhD, from 2008 to 2011. The Nantes Sociology Research Center was founded in 1998 by Jean- Claude Passeron, a close collaborator of the Pierre Bourdieu who is the most well-known sociologist of the 20th Century. Dr. Boucher research on Sport in China contributed to the collective renown of the “Bodies and Sports” research team. Afterwards, Dr. Boucher worked at Tsinghua University, Sino-French Research Center as director assistant. He was in charge of organizing conferences on “History and Memory” and “Enlightenment Philosophy”.

Dr. Boucher has been working at the Chinese University of Hong-Kong (Shenzhen) since 2016. He is regularly offering different courses such as “In Dialogue with Humanities”, “Chinese Sport History”, “Societies, development and inequalities” and “Understanding data science”. In parallel, he is still expert for the review “Sport et sciences sociales”, the “Canadian review of Sociology”, “Ageing and Society”, “Asian Journal of Sport History & Culture”. He continues to publish articles in the field of social sciences epistemology, social stratification and Sport studies.



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English Title: Serve people or serve politician: How local government officer define their own work?


Book review:

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