Dr. Chen Liangliang is currently a Lecturer in the School of Humanities and Social Science at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. She received her BA in Chinese Literature from Fudan University, MPhil in Chinese Philosophy from HKUST, and PhD in Chinese Literature from CUHK. She specializes in classical Chinese drama, Ming-Qing literature and intellectual history with a focus on how the genre of drama was employed for literati’s self-expression while broaching the ideology of late imperial China. She won the “2016 Postgraduate Research Output Award” at CUHK and has published several journal papers on literati drama of the High Qing era.

Awards and Honors
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    Postgraduate Research Output Award 2016

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    Ho Hoi Tin Memorial Scholarship

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Academic Publications

Academic Articles

1.“The Representation of Southern Ming Loyalties in Qianjia Dramas: Qu Shisi and He Guilai乾嘉戏曲中的南明忠臣再现:瞿式耜与《鹤归来》,in Journal of Guizhou University (Arts) 贵州大学学报(艺术版). To be published.

2.“A Study of the Manuscripts of Shen Qifeng’s Four Plays: The Full-story Performance of Kunqu since the Qianjia Period” 沈起鳳《紅心詞客四種曲》鈔本考述:兼論乾嘉以降崑曲全本戲演出, in Xiqu yu suwenxue yanjiu戲曲與俗文學研究. Beijing: Beijing shehui kexue,北京:社会科学文献出版社,Volume 6(2018.12). P.150-169

3.“Ritual, Memory and Social Order: An Exploration of the Relationship between Qing Literati Plays and Local Society” 儀式、記憶與秩序:清文人戲曲與地方社會關係之探索, in Chinese Studies漢學研究, Taipei, 33:3(2015.09).P. 275-306.

4.“Unjust Emperor on Stage: Narration on ‘Jingnan’ in Wuxia Bi and its Performance in the Palace Court” 粉墨帝王:《無瑕璧》的靖難演義及其宮廷演出, in Mingqing yanjiu luncong: II 明清研究論叢第二輯, Shanghai: Shanghai guji, 2015. P. 125-149.

5.“The Moral Reflection in Jiang Shiquan’s Plays: From Konggu Xiang to Xiangzu Lou論蔣士銓作品中的道德思考:從《空谷香》到《香祖樓》in Yunhan xuekan雲漢學刊, Tainan, 25 (2012.08). P.122-140.

Selected Conference Papers:

1.“The Rewriting and Appropriation of the ‘Qing’ Discourse of Late-Ming in Mid-Qing Plays” 清中葉戲曲對晚明情論的改寫與挪用. International Conference on the Discourse of Highbrow/Lowbrow in the Tradition of Chinese Literature「對立與融合:中國文學傳統中的雅和俗」國際學術工作坊. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. May 17-19, 2018.

2.“Erotic Performance? Performing as an Art in the Urban Culture of High Qing” 表演情色城市文化景觀中的戲曲技藝. International Conference on The Ming and Qing in the 21st Century: New Discoveries, New Perspectives, and New Horizons. The University of Hong Kong. October 20-21, 2017.

3.“Dream of the Red Chamber and the ‘Yanqing’ Tradition of Chinese Drama” 《紅樓夢》與中國戲曲的言情傳統. The 1st World Conference for Chinese Studies. Witten/Herdecke University, North Rhine-Westphalia. Aug 19-20, 2017.

4.“A Study of Shen Qifeng’s Four Plays: The Full-story Performance of Kunqu since the Qianjia Period” 沈起鳳的戲曲創作及其梨園鈔本兼論乾嘉時期的崑曲全本戲演出, International Conference on Chinese Drama and Vernacular Literature戲曲與俗文學國際研討會, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou. Aug 12-13, 2017.

5.“From Text to Court Performance: The Legendary Narration of ‘Jingnan’ in Wuxia Bi,” 由文人劇本到宮廷演出《無瑕璧》的「靖難演義」. Chinese Oral and Performing Literature, CHINOPERL Conference 2014. Philadelphia. Mar 27, 2014.

6.“Ritual, Memory and Social Order: An Exploration of the Relationship between Qing Literati Plays and Local Society” 儀式、記憶與秩序清文人戲曲與地方社會關係之探索. 2013 International Conference on Ming-Qing Studies. Academia Sinica, Taipei. Dec 5-6, 2013.

7.“Merit Books and the Use of Religious Enchantment as Cultivating Approach in High-Qing Plays” 善書與清中葉文人戲曲中的「神道設教」. The 8thAnnual Conference of the Asian Studies Association of Hong Kong. Mar 8-9, 2013.


Academic Translation

Shun, Kwong-loi. “Moral Philosophy and the Tradition of Confucianism”《論語》中的仁與禮, Trans. Chen Liangliang, in Moral Philosophy and the Tradition of Confucianism 道德哲學與儒家傳統. Ed. Fang Dongxu方東旭. Shanghai: Huadong shifan daxue, 2010, P. 160-177. (the original English text is published in Philosophy East & West, 43:3(1993.07), P. 457-480 )


Published Articles:

“A Poet and His Period: The Change in the Meaning of ‘China’ in Yu Kwang-chung’s Writing” 一個詩人和他的時代:余光中筆下「中國」意涵的幾度變遷. The Paper 澎湃, Shanghai, Dec 22nd, 2017.

“From Text to Stage: Pai Hsien-yung on His Cristal Boy” 白先勇談《孽子》:從小說到舞臺,Ming Pao明報, Hong Kong, Apr 10th, 2016.