Chris H.Q. Ding 丁宏强


Chris H.Q. Ding 丁宏强

Presidential Chair Professor

Education Background:
2007 - 2020, University of Texas, Professor
1996 - 2007, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1993 - 1996, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1987 - 1993, California Institute of Technology
1987 - Ph.D. Columbia University
1983 - M.A. Columbia University
1981 - BSc. Anhui University

Highlights. The Columbia Parallel Computer that Chris Ding help built as part of his Ph.D. thesis was featured as cover story of SCIENCE (see left picture). A Monte Carlo simulation results obtained at California Institute of Technology was praised in 1-page commentary article by NATURE Editor-in-Chief John Maddox. Proved that Google's PageRank is nearly identical to a ranking by in-degree : your website is valuable because many other webpages linking to it.


Machine Learning, Data mining, Bioinformatics, Information Retrieval, Web Link Analysis, High Performance Computing

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