Chris H.Q. Ding 丁宏强


Chris H.Q. Ding 丁宏强

Presidential Chair Professor

Education Background:
2007 - 2020, University of Texas, Professor
1996 - 2007, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
1993 - 1996, Jet Propulsion Laboratory
1987 - 1993, California Institute of Technology
1987 - Ph.D. Columbia University
1983 - M.A. Columbia University
1981 - BSc. Anhui University

Highlights. The Columbia Parallel Computer that Chris Ding help built as part of his Ph.D. thesis was featured as cover story of SCIENCE (see left picture). A Monte Carlo simulation results obtained at California Institute of Technology was praised in 1-page commentary article by NATURE Editor-in-Chief John Maddox. Proved that Google's PageRank is nearly identical to a ranking by in-degree : your website is valuable because many other webpages linking to it.


Machine Learning, Data mining, Bioinformatics, Information Retrieval, Web Link Analysis, High Performance Computing

Research List
At Lawrence Berkeley Lab, we proved that Google's PageRank is essentially identical to ranking by in-degree (the number of webpages pointing to the website). We proposed in 2006 the L12 norm which is widely used in artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, computational biology.