HE Jinbo


HE Jinbo

Assistant Professor

Education Background:
M.S. (Central South University)
Ph.D. (University of Macau)
Office Address


Teaching Area

Mental health, eating behaviors, obesity, body image; psychological intervention; health education;structural equation modeling, finite mixture modeling, psychometrics


I am looking for graduate research assistants. Please contact me if you are interested.


Health Psychology & Quantitative Research Methodology

Research List

Dr.He has two research lines: 

1) Quantitative research methods (e.g., structural equation modeling, finite mixture modeling, psychometrics), and his most recent interests are about the model selection issues in finite mixture modeling (e.g., latent class models, growth mixture models, and factor mixture models); 

2) Healthy psychology (e.g., eating behaviors, appetitive traits, food preferences, body image); more specifically, his current projects are about exploring: 

a) the characteristics of avoidant/restrictive food intake disorder (ARFID), orthorexia nervosa (ON), and night eating syndrome (NES) among Chinese adolescents and adults; 

b) the relationships between disordered eating behaviors, appetitive traits, and obesity;

c) how media influence eating behaviors and body image including both negative body image (e.g., body dissatisfaction) and positive body image (e.g., body appreciation and body functionality appreciation);

d) interventions for eating disorders, body image, and obesity.