Kuan-yen Liu


Kuan-yen Liu


Education Background:
Ph.D. Comparative Literature. University of California, Santa Barbara. U.S.A.
B.A. Double Major in English Literature and Philosophy, with Minors in History and Chinese Literature. National Chengchi University, Taiwan.

Teaching Area

(1) Western Philosophy and Literature, (2) Chinese Philosophy and Literature, (3) Comparative Philosophy and Literature, and(4) Science and Technology Studies.


Previous Academic Appointments: (1) The Academic Year of 2016-2017: Post-Doctoral Research Fellow. The Interdisciplinary Humanities Center. University of California, Santa Barbara. U.S.A. (2) The Academic Year of 2016-2017: Lecturer. Comparative Literature. University of California, Santa Barbara. U.S.A.


(1) History and Philosophy of Western Biology (2) Victorian Thought and Literature (1837-1901) (3) Chinese Philosophy and Classics (4) Late-Qing Chinese Thought and Literature (1840-1911) (5) Comparative Philosophy and Literature (6) Translation Studies

Research List

Conference Presentations

I. Conference: Victorian Darwinism & History and Philosophy of Biology

     1. “From Boundary-Narrowing to Boundary-Breaking: Analogical Argumentation and the  ‘Evidence’ of the Decent of Man from Animals in Darwin’s and Huxley’s  Evolutionary Biology.” The North American Victorian Studies Association  Conference. Pasadena, CA. Oct 23-27, 2013.


2.      “Herbert Spencer and Thomas Huxley’s Debate over the Applicability of Biology to  Sociology: Is/Ought Problem and the Victorian Context.” The 40th  Pacific Coast Conference on British Studies. University of California,  Berkeley. Mar 3-5, 2013.


3.      “The  Intersection between Biology and Philosophy of the Mind: Darwin’s  Dialogic Response to Hume’s ‘Of the Reason of Animals.’” The 59th  Mid-West Conference on British Studies. The University of Toronto. Oct  12-14, 2012.


II. Conference: Chinese Philosophy and Late-Qing Thought

4.  “How  are ‘Darwinian Challenges' Revisited and Reinterpreted through  Xunzian-Confucianism and Daoism in Yan Fu’s Acceptance of Victorian  Evolutionism?” (presented on the book panel “Darwinism in Asia: Panel Discussion of the Book Asian Religious Responses to Darwinism.” The 2020 Virtue Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Religion. November 30-December 10, 2020. 

5.       “Reinterpretations of Buddhism in Thomas Huxley’s Evolution and Ethics and Yan Fu’s Tianyan lun:  Mind, Self-Restraint and Society" (conference paper written in English  and presented in Chinese). The 10th International Conference on  Classical Chinese Texts and Culture (第十屆中國古文獻與傳統文化國際學術研討會). Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Oct 11-12, 2019. 


6.      “Yan  Fu’s Neo-Confucian Translation of Huxley’s Ethical Discourse of  ‘Self-Restraint’ into a Nationalist Discourse of ‘Zhisi’ (Controlling  the Private) in Tianyan lun” (conference paper written in  English and presented in Chinese). The 9th International Conference on  Classical Chinese Texts and Culture (第九屆中國古文獻與傳統文化國際學術研討會). Beijing Normal University. Oct 13-14, 2018.


7.      “Cultural Translation/Appropriation of Darwinism in Chinese Revolutionary Manifestos—Zou Rong’s The Revolutionary Army and Sun Yat-sen’s Three Principles of the People.” The 17th Annual Harvard East Asia Society Graduate Student Conference. Harvard University. Feb 21-23, 2014.


8.       “From  Empiricism to the Philosophy of Dao: A Comparative Study of the  Animal-Human Analogy in British and Chinese Darwinism.”  Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB. Nov 5, 2013.


9.      “Li Chunsheng’s Criticism of Darwinism and Yan Fu’s Tianyan lun:  Philosophical Conflict and the Identity Dilemma of Taiwanese.” The 19th  Annual Conference of North American Taiwan Studies Association. UCSB.  June 21-22, 2013.


10.      “Animal-Human  Analogy as an Expression of Nationalist Sentiments in Late-Qing Poetry:  The Cross-Cultural Interaction of Darwinism with Chinese Philosophy and  Classical Chinese Poetics.” The 16th Annual Harvard East Asia Society  Graduate Student Conference. Harvard University. Feb 22-24, 2013.


11.  “Cultural Encounter of Chinese Philosophy with Western Science and Philosophy: Yan Fu’s Transformation of Spencer’s Synthetic Philosophy,” in Globalization and Glocalization in China: Proceedings of the Leiden University Graduate Conference. Leiden: Stichting Shilin, 2012. P. 251-286. Conference Date: Sep 6-7, 2011.


12.  〈從「權力/知識」與「下層結構」論中西學「體用之辨」〉,《傳統與現代華人青年哲學會議論文集》。北京:北大哲學系,2010(“Power/Knowledge and Infrastructure: Rethinking Zhang Zhidong’s Idea of ‘Chinese Essence and Western Practice,’” in Tradition and Modernity: Proceedings of Philosophy Conference for Young Chinese Scholars. Beijing: The Philosophy Department of Peking University, 2010. P. 244-256. Conference Date: Sep 11-12, 2010.


III. Conference: Other Fields

13.  “Freudian  Question and Cartesian Framework in Eric R. Kandel’s Neuroscientific  Study of ‘Consciousness’ and ‘Unconsciousness.’” The 1st Sun Yat-sen  University Workshop on Science and Philosophy for Young Scholars—The  Phenomenon of the Mind in the Contemporary Language of Cognition (第一屆中山大學科學與哲學青年學者工作坊當代認知語境下的心理表徵). Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou. Sep 15-16, 2018.


14.   “The Narrative of Science Fiction and Detective Fiction in He Xi’s Darwin’s Trap: The Problems of Evolution, Ethics and Emotions in the Age of Technological Advancement”(〈何夕《達爾文陷阱》短篇小說集中的科幻手法與偵探敘事:科技發展下的「進化」、「倫理」與「情感」問題〉). Conference on the Situation of Chinese Literature and the Change in Science Fiction in the Age of Technology (科技時代的中國文學狀況和科幻文學變革學術研討會). Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen. June 8-9, 2018.

Academic Talks

1.     〈严复《天演论》对赫胥黎《进化与伦理》之「荀学式」翻译〉。台湾大学哲学系。2020年11月9日。

“Yan Fu’s Xunzian-Confucian Translation of Thomas Huxley’s Evolution and Ethics in Tianyan lun.” Philosophy Department, National Taiwan University. Nov 9, 2020. 


2.     〈世界读书日:如何阅读哲学巨擘劳思光先生《新编中国哲学史》?〉。香港中文学(深圳)图书馆。2020423日。

“World Book Day: How to Read Academic Guru Lao Sze-kwang’s New Edition of the History of Chinese Philosophy?”. The University Library of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. April 23, 2020.


3.     〈中西交织的学术系谱:严复思想与翻译中的先秦子学与宋代理学〉。台湾元智大学中国语文学系。201963日。

“Intertwined  Western and Chinese Intellectual Thoughts: Pre-Qin Philosophy and Song  Confucianism in Yan Fu’s Thought and Translation.” The Department of  Chinese Literature and Linguistics. Yuan Ze University, Taiwan. June 3,  2019.


4.        “The  Animal-Human Boundary in Victorian Science, Socio-Political Thought  and Science Fiction” (in English). Society of Fellows in Liberal Arts.  Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen, China 南方科技大学「人文社会科学荣誉学会」, April 26, 2019.


5.     〈跨学科人文视野与英文学术写作〉。香港中文大学(深圳祥波书院2019420日。

“Interdisciplinary  Humanities and English Academic Writing.” The Harmonia College. The  Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. April 20, 2019. 


6.     “The Boundary-Crossing Interaction of Chinese Calligraphy with Classical Philosophy and Contemporary Art” (in English). Stanford-CUHKSZ Synergy. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Sep 12, 2018.