Professor Lu Jiaqi is an Assistant Professor at the School of Data Science, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Professor Lu majored in both Industrial Engineering and English during undergraduate at Tsinghua University in 2013. After that she went to Columbia University for further study. In 2015, she completed her master study of management science and engineering. She obtained her doctoral degree in Decision, Risk, and Operation from Columbia University in 2021. Her research uses applied probability, optimization, statistical physics and machine learning tools to address complex operational problems in businesses and society. Specific directions include the analysis and design of large matching markets, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. 


1. In Which Matching Markets do Costly Compatibility Inspections Lead to a Deadlock?,Nicole Immorlica, Yash Kanoria and Jiaqi Lu,,to be submitted soon

2. Managing Customer Churn via Service Mode Control,Ilan Lobel, Yash Kanoria and Jiaqi Lu,

3. Sourcing under Volatility: Offshoring, Onshoring or Both?,Awi Federgruen, Zhe Liu and Jiaqi Lu,

4. Combined Pricing and Inventory Control with Multiple Unreliable Suppliers,Awi Federgruen, Zhe Liu and Jiaqi Lu,

5. Sourcing with Uncertain Demand Updates,Awi Federgruen, Zhe Liu and Jiaqi Lu,

6. On the Design of Efficient Emission Permit Allocation Mechanisms,Jiaqi Lu,