Prof. HUANG Rui


Prof. HUANG Rui

Associate Professor

Education Background:
Ph. D., Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, 2008,
with Prof. Dimitris N. Metaxas and Prof. Vladimir Pavlovic.

M. Eng., Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2002,
with Prof. Songde Ma.

B. Sc., Peking University, 1999.
Office Address

408 Chengdao Bldg.



Teaching Area

CIE6004 Image Processing & Computer Vision; CSC3002 Programming Paradigms in C++; CSC1001 Programming Methodology in Python.


Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning

Lab info

Computer Vision Laboratory

Current Ph.D. students:

HU Panwen (2018- )

ZHANG Yong (2018- , with Prof. CHEN Chang-Wen)

CHEN Jiwei (2021- )

LI Feifei (2021- )

SONG Qi (2021- )

ZHANG Chi (2021- )

HUANG Yuzhou (2021- , with Prof. ZHANG Ruimao)

Current M.Phil. students:

DING Laiyan (2021- )

WANG Xu (2022- )

LIU Yilin (2022- )

Graduated Ph.D.

Dr. JIANG Hualie (2017-2021, SenseTime)

Dr. LI Jie (2018-2022, Shenzhen Polytechnic)

Graduated M.Phil.

MEI Kangfu (2019-2021, pursuing Ph.D. at JHU)

SHAO Pengtao (2019-2021, AIRS)

HUANG Yanwei (2019-2021, with Prof. SUN Zhenglong, Hansrobot)

GUO Hao (2020-2022, Meituan)

WANG Jinyu (2020-2022, Shopee)

YE Shenglong (2020-2022, Shanghai Artificial Intelligence Laboratory)

I am recruiting several Ph.D. and M.Phil. students with full or partial financial support every year.  Applicants are encouraged to visit the lab as Research Assistants before we both make the commitment.  RA positions are also available to others.  Send me your CV and transcripts if interested.

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