Prof. HUANG Rui


Prof. HUANG Rui

Associate Professor

Education Background:
Ph. D., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, USA, 2008, Advisor: Dimitris N. Metaxas.
M. Eng., Chinese Academy of Sciences, China, 2002, Advisor: Songde Ma.
B. Sc., Peking University, China, 1999.
Office Address

408 Chengdao Bldg.



Teaching Area

Image Processing & Computer Vision, Programming in Python & C++.


Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing, Machine Learning

Research List


Visual SLAM for robotics.

Graphical models for image and video modeling.

Deformable models and level set methods for 2D/3D image modeling.

Machine Learning for face recognition and person identification.

Other related issues in computer vision, pattern recognition, robotics, and medical image analysis.


Visual SLAM for robotics, 2016~2018.

Person search and (re)-identification for intelligent video surveillance, 2014~2017.

Face liveness detection/anti-spoofing for face recognition, 2014~2015.

Multi-camera multi-target tracking for business intelligence, 2014~2015.

Action recognition using deep learning, 2013~2014.

Object localization and categorization using graphical models, 2008~2014.

Bias field estimation for medical imaging using level set methods and graphical models, 2008~2012.

Sequential data analysis using generative and discriminative graphical models, 2008~2009.

Shape modeling using graphical models, 2006~2009.

Object segmentation using deformable models and graphical models, 2003~2008.

Face recognition using subspace analysis and graphical models, 2001~2004.