Venus Hung


Venus Hung


Education Background:
Ph.D in Education (Cantab)
MEd. in Education (HKU)
BSc. in Biology (CUHK)
Office Address

Room TB 547, Teaching Block B

Teaching Area

English for Academic Purposes


Content and Language Integrated Learning, English for Academic Purposes

Research List

Conference presentations 

Hung, V. (2018, April 28- May 1). Why do some students fail to explain macroscopic biological phenomena at the microscopic level even when their knowledge is canonical? [Conference presentation]. International Conference on Education in Mathematics, Science and Technology (ICEMST) 2018, Marmaris, Turkey.

Hung, V. (2017, August 21-25). Exploring students approaches to solve problems with diagrams and graphs in biology [Conference presentation]. 12th Conference of the European Science Education Research Association (ESERA), Dublin, Ireland.

Book review 

Hung, V. (2018). Reflecting science education across diverse Asian contexts. Studies in Science Education54(2), 207-215. DOI: 10.1080/03057267.2019.1601393 

Professional and community services

Hung, V. (2023, August 25). Mechanistic reasoning [Powerpoint presentation]. International School of Warsaw, Poland.

Hung, V. (2018, June 12). Unfolding model based reasoning in Biology [Powerpoint presentation]. Education Bureau of Hong Kong.

Hung V. (2017, March 27). Everyday thought about nature [Powerpoint presentation]Faculty of Education. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong. 

Hung V. (2017, March 19). Informal science learningFaculty of Education. University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong.