WANG Xueshi(王薛时)


WANG Xueshi(王薛时)


Education Background:
B.A. Henan University of Urban Construction
M.A. East China Normal University
Ph.D. Tsinghua University
Joint Ph.D. Harvard University
Office Address

ZX 215


Contemporary Moral Philosophy and Political Theory


l Monograph & Book Chapter

Xueshi WangMoral Choices: Numbers, Fairness and Minimizing Harm. Beijing: Tsinghua University Press, forthcoming. 

Xueshi Wang (2016). Environmental Education Volume, Guangyao Zhu and Sai Zhang (Ed.), Encyclopedia of Ecological Civilization Construction. Nanchang: Jiangxi Science and Technology Press.

l Peer Reviewed Articles

Xueshi Wang (2022). “Saving Lives and Moral Decisions.” Morality and Civilization, 2022(04), 63-70.

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Xueshi Wang (2021). “The Fairness of Ventilator Allocation During the COVID-19 Pandemic.” Bioethics (A&HCI, SSCI), 36(6)715-723. DOI: 10.1111/bioe.12955.

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Xueshi Wang (2016). “On Rationalism: A Brief Review of Immaterial Economy.” Tangdu Journal, 32(5), 126-128.

l Translation

Xueshi Wang (2019). “Should the Numbers Count?” Philosophical Analysis, (10)4, 136-198.

Xueshi Wang (2016). “World Philosophy and Climate Change: A Sino-German Way to Civil Evolution.” Philosophical Analysis, (7)4, 73-88.

Xueshi Wang (2016). “Nussbaum on the Life and Work of Philosopher Hilary Putnam.” Social Sciences Weekly, (2016)1502: 07.