Wenhao Yang is an Assistant Professor of Finance at the School of Management and Economics (SME). Before joining SME CUHK(SZ), Prof. Yang worked as an Assistant Professor of Finance at Moore School of Business at University of South Carolina. He received his doctorate degree in Finance from the University of Utah. Prof. Yang's research interests are in the area of empirical and experimental financial economics. They include but are not confined to: empirical asset pricing, experimental finance, corporate innovation, and institutional investors. His recent work has been centered on the behavior of the institutional and retail investors in the mutual fund industry, information transmission in the decentralized markets, the impact of common institutional ownership on M&A competition, and corporate innovation and products. He is also involved in experimental research on the interaction between humans and robots in financial markets. His papers have received best paper awards at the Financial Management Association and the 2019 Joint Conference of Allied Korea Finance Associations.

Awards and honors
  • 2019
  • 2017
  • 2015
  • 2014
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    2019 Joint Conference of Allied Korea Finance Associations Best Paper Award

  • 02


    Provost Research Award

  • 03


    Fondation Banque de France Grant

  • 04


    FMA Best Paper in Financial Markets and Institutions

  • 05


    Student Teaching Excellence Award

  • 06


    AFA Travel Award


1. "The Persistence of Fee Dispersion among Mutual Funds",with Michael Cooper and Michael Halling,

2. "RQ Innovative Efficiency and Firm Value",with Michael Cooper and Anne Marie Knott,

3. "Costly Information Acquisition in Decentralized Markets: An Experiment",with Elena Asparouhova and Peter Bosssaerts,

4. "Humans in Charge of Trading Robots: The First Experiment",with E. Asparouhova, P. Bosssaerts, K. Rotaru, T. Wang, N. Yadav,

5. "How Are Firms Sold? The Role of Common Ownership",with Mohammad Irani and Feng Zhang,,2021

6. "Measuring (In)Attention to Mutual Fund Fees: Evidence from Experiments",with Hugh Kim,,2021

7. "Asset Pricing In a World of Imperfect Foresight",with Peter Bossaerts, Frans van den Bogaerde and Felix Fattinger,,2021

8. Prospect Theory and Mutual Fund Flows,with Bin Han and Pengfei Sui,,2021

9. "Private Equity Funds and Firm Products",with Feng Zhang,,2019

10. "Mutual Fund Management: Does Active Management Pay?",Wenhao Yang,,2017