YANG Yanni


YANG Yanni


Education Background:
BA (Peking University)

MPhil (The Graduate School, The Chinese Academy of Social Science)

Ph.D (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Office Address

Rm 216, Zhixin Building

Teaching Area

GEC2112 Designed Desire: Daily Life in Early Modern China


Chinese literature and literary culture in Ming and Qing Dynasties.


1. Articles in Referred/Core Journals

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2. Book reviews

YANG Yanni, review of Shanhai guren: mingqing Zhejiang de haijiang lishi yu haidao shehui by XIE Shi, Dushu 读书 (Beijing, CSSCI), 2021.6:135-139.

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3. Invited Essays

“A River Moving: To the Memory of Prof. TSIEN Tsuen-hsuin (一条动人的河:纪念钱存训教授),” Daily Sunshine 晶报 (Shenzhen), 3 May 2015, A8-9.

“He Deserves Much Bigger Name: To the Memory of Prof. Patrick HANAN (我们应该把韩南的名字放得更大)”, Daily Sunshine 晶报 (Shenzhen), 6 July 2014, A10-11.

4. Conference Presentations




5. Translation

Chen Shih-hsiang, “On Chinese Lyrical Tradition: Opening Address to Panel on Comparative. Literature, AAS Meeting, 1971”, trans. Kwok-kou Chan, Yanni Yang, Journal of Modern Chinese Studies 现代中文学刊 (Shanghai, CSSCI), 2 (Apr. 2014): 53-57.

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