LIN Zhicheng


LIN Zhicheng

Assistant Professor

Education Background:
BS in Psychology, Peking University
Visiting Scholar, University College London
Summer School in Vision Science, York University
PhD in Psychology, University of Minnesota
Summer School in Cognitive Neuroscience, UCSB
Office Address

Career Development Club: students are welcome to drop by my office (TB 554) every Monday 5 to 6 PM for counseling on career development issues (career planning, career choices, academic writing, applying for PhD, etc.)

Teaching Area

Unpaid RA positions are available for motivated and hard-working students


A postdoc position is available with competitive salary (180K after tax + 120K pre-tax + 龙岗区驻区高等院校特聘岗位竞争申请E档6万元/年资助 + Social insurance and housing fund, per year); access to MRI and MEG is available with arrangements


Cognition & consciousness; clinical & health applications; science & public policy; research methods; metascience

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