Manuele REANI


Manuele REANI

Assistant Professor

Education Background:
Ph.D Computer Science, The University of Manchester,
MSc Management Science, London School of Economics
Mini MBA, Birkbeck - University of London,
BSc Psychology, City - University of London
Teaching Area

Information Systems


Human-computer Interaction, UX Research, Behavioral Economics, Decision Making, Behavioral Analytics


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2. “Evidencing How Experience and Problem Format Affect Probabilistic Reasoning Through Interaction Analysis”,Reani Manuele, Alan Davies, Niels Peek and Caroline Jay,,10 (July 2019). DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg. 2019. 01548

3. “How Different Visualizations Affect Human Reasoning about Uncertainty: An Analysis of Visual Behaviour”,Reani Manuele, Niels Peek, and Caroline Jay,,92 (March 1, 2019): 55–64

4. “Mediating Color Filter Exploration with Color Theme Semantics Derived from Social Curation Data”,Wu, Ziming, Zhida Sun, Taewook Kim, Manuele Reani, Caroline Jay, and Xiaojuan Ma,,2, no. CSCW (November 2018): 187:1–187:24

5. "An investigation of the effects of n-gram length in scanpath analysis for eye-tracking research",Reani Manuele, Niels Peek, and Caroline Jay,,June 14–17, 2018, Warsaw, Poland. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 8 pages

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7. "Does descriptive text change how people look at art? A novel analysis of eye-movements using data-driven Units of Interest",Alan Davies, Manuele Reani, Markel Vigo, Simon Harper, Martin Grimes, Clare Gannaway, and Caroline Jay,,10, 4 (2017)

8. “The Rise of Mobile Computing for Group Decision Support Systems: A Comparative Evaluation of Mobile and Desktop”,Wang Weigang, and Reani Manuele,,104 (August 1, 2017): 16–35

9. "UK daily meteorology, air quality, and pollen measurements for 2016–2019, with estimates for missing data.",Reani, M., Lowe, D., Gledson, A., Topping, D., & Jay, C.,,9(1), 1-12,2022