Manuele REANI


Manuele REANI

Assistant Professor

Education Background:
Ph.D Computer Science, The University of Manchester,
MSc Management Science, London School of Economics
Mini MBA, Birkbeck - University of London,
BSc Psychology, City - University of London
Teaching Area

Information Systems


Human-computer Interaction, UX Research, Behavioral Economics, Decision Making, Behavioral Analytics

Research List

I am interested in the use of analytics to study human behaviour. My main areas of interests are behavioural analytics, cognitive science, human-computer interaction, behavioural economics and decision making. I am interested in applying analytics techniques in healthcare settings (i.e., health informatics, medical informatics), in psychology to study psychological processes (i.e., cognitive science, decision making), in marketing (e.g., consumer behaviours, influencer marketing, social media) and in economics (behavioural economics, behavioural finance). I am interested in applying a combination of methods including machine learning, data mining, statistics, cognitive modelling, visualization, online experiments, behavioural experiment. I am also interested in developing new research methods for studying human behaviour and cognition.