Manuele REANI


Manuele REANI

Assistant Professor

Education Background:
Ph.D Computer Science, The University of Manchester,
MSc Management Science, London School of Economics
Mini MBA, Birkbeck - University of London,
BSc Psychology, City - University of London
Teaching Area

Information Systems


Human-computer Interaction, UX Research, Behavioral Economics, Decision Making, Behavioral Analytics

The study of electronic word of mouth (eWOM) and online reviews in eCommerce platforms

This project focuses on the analysis of text in online reviews on eCommerce platforms to understand what drives consumer behaviour. We apply machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling techniques to the study of eWOM. 

Social media sentiment and stock markets: the use of analytics to study the effect of social media sentiment on finance in China and the West.

This project focuses on the study of how social media can affect finance, in China and the West. We seek to apply machine learning algorithms and statistical modelling to analyze sentiment and its effect on stock markets.  

Social Media, Influencer marketing, Vloggers and Analytics.

This project seeks to shed light on how Vloggers monetize, what affect social influence in online video platforms through User Generated Content (UGC) and how analytics can help to optimize influencer marketing strategies. 

An investigation of the link between air pollution and health using analytics techniques

This is a project in collaboration with the University of Manchester and the Alan Turing Institute in England. We collected air quality data and people symptoms through mobile technologies. We seek to analyze such data to understand the relationship between air quality and health.