Tin Lun LAM


Tin Lun LAM

Assistant Professor, Executive Deputy Director of Robotics & AI Lab

Education Background:
Office Address

Room 410, Cheng Dao Building

Academic Area

Robotics & AI


IEEE Senior Member


Soft Robotics, Multi-robot Systems, Human-Robot Interaction

Soft Robotics - Wire-driven Inflable Arm

A multijoint soft inflatable arm for human-safe Interaction is developed. The new proposed structure of the arm is achieved by a very common and low-cost inflatable material and it is very light, weighing only about 50g. However, it can realize agile movement by driving six tiny cables installed in the shoulder and elbow joints. The soft inflatable arm can work by pumping air at very low pressure (7.32±3.45kPa) and allows direct and soft human contact without any external force sensors. 


Soft Robotics - Inflable Finger


Inspired by living organisms, constructing robots from highly compliant materials provides high flexibility and adaptability for dealing with unstructured environment and dynamic tasks. Our studies focus on how to utilize soft design to enhance robots' mobility, manipulation performance, and control robustness.


Field Robotics - Autonomous Sailboat


Ocean exploration has attracted enormous interest from human-kind for thousands of years. This project focus on developing energy sustainable robot for ocean exploration. One of the solutions is harvesting the power of wind for vehicle's propulsion by sail.


Field Robotics - Omni-directional Vehicle


The omnidirectiona